How to Use Dash Cam on a Bike – 2024 Guide

Dashcams give us the opportunity to capture every detail on the road, which we would ordinarily miss if we were relying on our eyes alone. This is especially crucial when it relates to ‘near misses’ on the road. These are common presently, and there is a need to know just what part each person plays in it. That’s why drivers everywhere rely on dash cams, especially those who are on the road most the time, like Uber drivers (RatedRadardetector reviewed some models for Uber drivers). With this in mind, there is an urgent need, and also it is a smart move to get a dashcam mounted on your bike to ensure you have video evidence available and not just word of mouth.

One major reason why is a smart move to make is, there is no fear of your battery running out. Most cyclers previously preferred to use Go Pro on their bikes. The challenge faced was your battery could run out at any time. It would be even worse when it runs out just at the time you need it the most, or you could have a case of your SD card been filled up and no more space for recordings or even no mice connection. This has made the Go Pro not popular or common anymore.

The answer to this challenge, which most cyclers face, is the use of a dash cam on their bikes. Having a motorcycle dash cam such you can use on is definitely better as every time your bike comes on, the dash cam starts to record. No matter what happens will pick it up even if you don’t have a camera. This is in addition to the removal of worries about batteries that need to be charged, setting up an audio system; need to mount up a face camera. All these worries are eliminated with the use of a camera on your bike.

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The great thing about a dash cam on your bike is that it records from the front and also behind. Now, if you ride a bike, you would know that bikers are kind of picked on when on the road. Most times there is a ‘near miss’ and the cops get involved, it is always the bikers fault. How do you prove then that you weren’t at fault? Even if the car was behind you, the camera would record it, and that evidence will pull you out of that situation, you are covered.

The use this gadget isn’t restricted for coverage of ‘near misses’ or to record evidence you need in court. You could also have a need for it when you have a scenic route you will be riding through, and you need to capture it. When riding your bike through the open air, countryside, or even a popular trail in the woods, it would help you catalog anything that happens on trial and also scenery you would most likely miss even if you are leisurely riding through that path. It gives you a good reference to look back on.

A dashboard camera popularly known as the dash cam is one of the most welcome innovations for bike users because of the numerous benefits which you can derive from it. Asides from the use recordings to have detailed evidence of incidents that might occur on the roads, settlement of the case, which might involve insurance, you can also use to record bad riders on the road who pose a threat to other road users. This way, you are not only protecting yourself but also protecting other riders and users on the roads from danger.

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Some bike dash cams are hardwired. This means when your bike is parked, there is an automatic parking mode which is triggered, and your bike dash cam has the ability to measure any impact that occurs even as you aren’t riding it. This is made possible by a g-sensor presence, whose duty is to detect and record when there is no bike movement. There are also many other varieties in which a dash cam can come. Some such varieties are dash cams that enable g-force measurements, those that give driver awareness notification, night vision with the aid of infrared lights, date and time stamps which show video recordings, GPS detection, etc.

To install a dash cam on your bike is a must if you want to stay safe while riding your bike and also protection of your bike itself.

There are some things you have to remember when you decide to use a dashcam:

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  • get that is both water and heat resistible,
  • get that has loop-recording as it will save your old files without deleting them as it records now data over them, install a micro SD for the storing of your videos for later review,
  • make sure you read the manuals that come with your camera, so you are familiar with how it operates are different,
  • go for that is small and unnoticeable as this allows for discretion especially if you will be in areas of high crime,
  • pick a dash cam made from durable materials like plastic or even steel lastly go for one that is powered by the auto-ignition this way your dashcam comes on immediately your bike ignition is switched on.

This is crucial because you don’t have to worry about putting it on or off.

Using a dash cam on a bike is a must for any bike rider. While a vehicle is more visible on the roads because of their size, some road users claim they didn’t see the bike. This has led to numerous road incidences, and when these occur, there is the need to know where the blame should be placed. Having a reliable recording or video proof is a better way to show your part in any incidence, especially in cases where it is a hit and runs. It would help in the apprehension of the guilty party.