Try the Best Media Player for MacOS X – 2024 Guide

Windows have some good media players in its list. It solely depends upon the user how to use them. They can choose them as per their choice and demand. In short, with the introduction of new devices perhaps all the works have become very easy and smooth. Most of the people wish to hear good music from good players. It refreshes both the mind and the soul to a good extent. This is also a very good habit. Now there are ample media players that can help modern man to listen to uninterrupted music in a wonderful way. Now let’s explore some best media players.

Elmedia Player:

Elmedia is the only player that supports Airplay. It may not be supported even by VLC. There is also an equalizer that is a pretty and good feature of the device. The user can also play online videos on the Elmedia Player. Another important feature of Elmedia Player is the screenshot feature. It is such a feature that makes the whole thing unique in all aspects. There are some minor adjustments that can be made with this player. These are controlling playback or volume. The user can also rotate and flip the video color or adjust the color settings if required. Even the brightness and contrast can also be adjusted in required. The user can also adjust the subtitles of the videos as the player supports multiple languages. Elmedia can be easily played on HD content. The player will also allow the user to download online videos and watch it. There is an option of the paid and free version. The user can try it as per their demand and wish.

The emergence of a series of video players has really helped people in many ways. There are ample options for entertainment in the present world and most of them are just good and advanced. 


It is the most common type of media player and there are very few people on this earth who have not heard about their name. It is a multi-platform media player. There are very few audio and video clips that are not handled by VLC. They are very efficient in delivering quality service to the people. Apart from being good audio, they are excellent in streaming programs. It is both applicable as a casual and power user. The only advantage of VLC is that it is cross-platform. 

M Player X

It is simply beautiful and powerful at the same time. It is the tagline and it is known by that name only. It provides a wide variety of supported formats in handling Mac media players. This media player can play in any format and at any time. Even the user can easily swipe and touch gestures for easy and smooth controlling. The user can also play YouTube videos simply on M Player X. The only thing that may annoy people is advertisements. They are quite frequent and common in M Player X. Otherwise, everything is fine and nice.

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Another important media player is Kodi. It is multi-platform. It can be noticed once the same is downloaded on Raspberry Pi. It can be customized with the assistance of skins. The functionality can also be increased with the help of third-party plugins. Kodi is also efficient in supporting playback of local media. Pirated content is the only problem with Kodi. It is seen that Kodi has plugins that prepare pirated content and it is quite harmful. It is a serious issue and if proper action is not taken in time there may be something serious in the future. 

Quick Time Player

It is a very lucrative option that will allow the user to edit, play and even record videos as much as possible. There is a number of options that usually assist people in doing so. The controls and interface are good that enables it to get a smooth and refined look. Apple tries to keep is simple and unique in all aspects. Quick Time Player is always a battery optimized specially for Mac. The only downside that exists with Quick Time Player is the number of file formats that are supported by it. In many cases, it has been seen that third party formats may be required to play more than files in the same format. Otherwise, everything is fine with it.

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5K Player

If anyone has a fascination to hear high-end music then usually 4K or 5k players are used. There is another advantage of hearing, playing and even viewing videos from online sources such as YouTube or Vimeo. Apart from all this, there are some minor issues that are often raised in this context and these are picture quality and color saturation. But it can be definitely solved. Otherwise, everything appears to be perfect.