Location Sharing Tips and Tricks You Need to Try in 2024

The world of advanced technology has brought many fascinating benefits to our lives. We can now easily communicate with people located on the opposite side of the world. Despite that, going to the store and waiting in the line is unnecessary. You can now purchase various types of items from the comfort of your room. Finally, the business opportunities are bigger than ever before. People can start a business by using their smartphones. Logically, they also need to have a decent WI-Fi connection for something like that.

However, saying that everything around the Internet technology is perfect would be wrong. Certain things bother users from all parts of the world. The most common issue that people have is keeping their privacy. Because of that, the location-sharing option is a feature that requires an in-depth analysis.

Many people hesitate to use different location sharing option because it seems to them they are exposing too much information. We completely understand that type of opinion. However, you should also know that option like this can bring many benefits to your life. Unfortunately, people do not how to use them to the fullest.

You came to the right place to hear location sharing tips and tricks you need to know. Users will get the chance to use them in different situations. Because of that, let’s find them out together as soon as possible!


Before Everything – Check Privacy Settings!

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People that plan to use location-sharing apps should analyze carefully the features of the tool they want to use. More precisely, you should primarily analyze all the privacy settings that a current app has. There is a good reason why people are skeptical. A huge number of programs have poor security. Because of that, you must explore the privacy settings in detail.

Despite that, Google is always going to be your best friend. You can find every piece of information including those that review a current app. Check if there are some negative reviews about the app’s security. If you find a huge number of them, this could be a red flag. Avoid using an app that seems unsecured and focus on those that guarantee privacy.


You can Limit the Location Sharing Period

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This might be a good opportunity for a huge number of people. First of all, this app can’t work without the usage of mobile networks and GPS. Because of that, do not get surprised if they quickly empty your mobile battery. The best possible way to avoid this is by limiting the location sharing period. Most of the programs that we use on our mobile will allow you this option.

Many times we need to turn on the app for a couple of minutes. After that, there is no need to keep it turned on. However, in most cases, people are in a hurry. Because of that, we forget many times to disable the location-sharing app. In this way, you will keep your privacy and your battery won’t be dead for a couple of hours.


Use App When Meeting with Friends

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Let’s imagine that you usually go out with a couple of friends. Organizing this type of meeting can sometimes be complex. There is always someone late or someone who is going to come to another location. This type of organization can sometimes be annoying. Fortunately for you, you can avoid frustration thanks to this type of software.

Despite that, let’s imagine that you went with friends to a certain festival. There will surely be a lot of people and you all might search for each other for hours. Spending time on searching won’t allow you to enjoy the music or any other activity.

This type of scenario won’t happen if you all have certain location-sharing apps. You can know at each moment where each of your friends is located. In this way, you can easily find in one place without making many calls during the night. In most cases, the noise won’t allow you to hear your friends properly over the phone. This can make the entire process even more complex.


Hide Your Location

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Sharing your location with others is easier than ever before. Yet, what if you do not want to give away your place of stay? Sometimes people want to do that because of a prank. However, in some cases, we simply want to be alone, and being in a larger group seems annoying to us. According to virtuallocation.com, every iPhone user can now send fake locations over WhatsApp.

The entire process of sharing fake location s quite easy. Despite that, it is also a great thing that you don’t need to spend a single penny for this type of option.


Don’t Make Your Location Visible to Everyone

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Consider this tip as the most important one from our list. Many people make this sort of mistake. Unfortunately, the consequences of this mistake can be huge for you. Imagine that you leave location sharing visible to everyone. Keep in mind that some people will use this in a wrong way. In some cases, you can even get robbed because of it. Keep in mind that everyone who uses the same app as you can see where you are at every moment.

There are two options that users can choose between. First of all, you can make the location invisible to everyone. However, we are sure that this type of option won’t work for you in every moment. Because of that, carefully select a group of friends that can see your location in every moment. In this way, you will remain completely safe.


Don’t Use This Option in Multiple Apps

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This is especially important for people that travel or visit different festivals. Imagine that you use this option in multiple apps at the same time. Your battery won’t have the chance to “survive” for a couple of hours. The meaning of full battery is huge especially when we are in another country or at the current festival. All the benefits that we talked about won’t be available to you. Because of that, turn the location sharing only on one app. In this way, you will remain safe and your battery won’t require recharging after 2 or 3 hours.