Why You Should Try PvP WoW Coaching in 2024

World of Warcraft has been around for 15 years and is still going strong despite the abundance of video games we have available today. Launched in 2014, the game made the MMORPG genre popular worldwide and gained a loyal following thanks to its vast, varied, ever-expanding world and numerous heroes that are unique in appearance and origin, making the game extremely addictive.

Besides that, there are numerous ways to play World of Warcraft from completing the main story or side quests for a more relaxing experience to engaging in player-vs-player battles for those seeking more excitement.

However, playing the game on your own, especially without much gaming experience can lead to certain problems such as misjudging your level or the skills and abilities of your character or misunderstanding key elements of the game and overlooking their importance.

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Sure, one can learn many things through constant practice and trying to research gameplay on their own, but if you have limited free time and not enough patience, upping your skill might be extremely difficult.

In today’s time, many professional, skilled players decide to take up coaching and offer their skills, knowledge, and experience to others. This is a great chance for rookie players to learn all the fundamentals of the game but also improve much faster.

More advanced players can also benefit from such services since they will have access to new strategies and knowledge on how to use their character’s abilities to counterplay another person’s skills. If this has piqued your interest even the slightest, keep reading and find out exactly how having a coach can benefit not only your gameplay but you as a player as well.

World of Warcraft PvP Activities

There are numerous types of player-vs-player modes such as the arena system where players battle 2v2 or 3v3 in a controlled environment to earn Arena Points by winning against teams who are similarly ranked. Rated battlegrounds (RBG) are another format where a Horde battles an Alliance in a competitive environment, as well as PvP seasons which last about a year and offer players a chance to win numerous rewards, and many more.

Why Hire a Coach?

  1. Live Feedback

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Playing with highly-ranked, experienced players is an experience on its own, during which you will get extensive feedback on your gameplay, skills, and mistakes. The coach will also let you know which talents suit your playing style. You will receive instructions that will help you improve and live analytics to help you understand the game better. You can visit piratebay-coaching.com if you are interested in knowing more about this.

  1. Learning Experience

The coach’s job is to teach you as much as possible during your session, so they will gladly answer all of your questions whenever you have any. This is also a great opportunity to see how some of the best players in the world play the game which can be a great educational opportunity in itself.

  1. Taking Your Gameplay to the Next Level 

No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced player, you can benefit from these sessions, either way, solely depending on your skill level.

New players or people who do not have experience in PvP can learn all the macros – commands that enable you to perform multiple actions at one time – as well as keybinding – assigning available in-game activities and actions to specific keys on a keyboard or mouse.

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The coach will also share their knowledge about arena fundamentals and strategies and help you with cooldown management and its usage too. You will receive general information on characters and their advantages and disadvantages, game mechanics, and various nuances.

More advanced players will learn how to counterplay in different scenarios or situations and gain a better understanding of comp (composition) strategies, meaning you will learn more about how to match with people who have a matchmaking rating (MMR) which is close to yours. With your coach’s guidance, you can also discover and try out some amazing tactics you would have never thought of trying before.

  1. Quicker Improvement

Putting in long hours but still struggling to level up or become better can surely be a frustrating and stressful experience. Playing alongside a pro will surely boost your experience which is sometimes the only thing you need for improvement. You will have the chance to optimize your talents and your gear and learn great tricks that will help you outperform many amazing and skilled players. Besides this, you will also get to keep everything you have earned during your lesson. This includes your rating, points, and much more.

How Does It Work?

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Once you have found your desired coaching service, generally the registration steps include choosing the game type you would like to improve in, selecting a coach that best suits you, scheduling a lesson on the website’s Live Chat feature, and finally placing your order. You will then be connected to a platform of your choice which is usually Discord or Skype. There you will be able to talk to your coach for further clarification and agreement.

How to Find the Right Website?

Well, you will have to find a site that best suits your needs and wishes on your own, however, there are a few things you should consider when deciding. You can check the reviews to see other people’s experiences and to identify whether the website is reliable or not. This way you can also know about the quality of their coaching and services too. Do not hesitate to message customer support if you have any questions.


Games can be very entertaining and fun, but they can also be extremely competitive and frustrating, especially for serious gamers. If you are the type of person who truly enjoys playing, but also likes to improve and advance in a game, coaching sessions might be just the thing you need to take your skills to the next level. Whether you are a newbie or a more seasoned player, consider hiring a professional and see for yourself exactly what they have to offer.