5 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Content Team Focus on Videos in 2024

Video content seems to be the thing that drives the Internet right now. Such materials attract more viewers, boost brand awareness, and increase engagement. There is hardly a valid reason not to invest in video content. After all, why should you? Video is known for bringing about guaranteed results.

One of the most powerful benefits of such content is the possibility to explain new concepts and products. Explainer clips help people to get a grip on a new tool or product. On some occasions, they may take much time and effort in the making, but the outcome will be worth it.

Let’s take a simple example from student-related spheres. Visual content works excellent for every company or individual creator. That’s why it is time for your content team – irrespective of the sphere you work in – to put a focus on it.

So, if you want to enrich your content strategy, increase sales, and broaden the audience, let’s dive into the reasons and statistics to make a case for video content.

Why You Need to Invest in Video Content

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People Want It

One of the main reasons to concentrate on this type of content is to meet the requests and the ever-growing demand of consumers worldwide. No matter how good the infographics or content may be, the absence of explainer videos may be considered by many as a drawback. Such a product is easy to understand, and it attracts even the laziest in the audience. The reasoning is simple – the majority of information a human brain processes if visual. This is why most of us process visual data much faster than text.

According to HubSpot research, 51% of users want exactly the video content from their favorite brands and creators. It is the highest ranking in the pool, and the numbers prove that the audience wants these materials more than other types of content presentation. Statista info shows that 85% of people in the USA and 92% in China watch video content online regularly. And this particular data is two years old!

Here is a simple truth – any marketing or content creation campaign is being done having a specific audience in consideration. And if the following expects something and shows a great interest in, why not benefit from it?

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It Increases Sales and Conversions

The statistics are straightforward – if you want to increase conversions by 80%, then you should add a video to your landing page. About 74% of people who watched a product explainer clip have bought the item in question later on.

Indeed, we all prefer a good informative video that shows the features of a given item. Watching it makes customers more confident in their choice as they can see the product in action and use.

A well-shot and clearly explained content makes a product more vivid and accessible for a customer. Such materials also make it much easier for a person to imagine having or using something specific. Along the same lines, even the most complicated concept or product can be explained in simple words (or, in this case, clips), and the audience values that.

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It Increases Google Ranking

Today’s content is not only about quality; it depends on promotion to a large extent. Up-to-date SEO performance is necessary as there are lots of articles, posts, websites, and zillions of other pieces of info one can easily get lost in.

Visitors tend to spend much more time on the pages that feature videos. Along the same lines, Google regards it as a sign of trust and valid content. Your website is much likely to get a higher ranking if there is a video involved.

It also helps to rank for all types of content as the Google search page now shows the text, graphs, pictures, and videos to every inquiry. Still, some tricks never get old, and you should still bother and write a good SEO optimized description.

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It Brings in Emotional Value

The main thing that today’s audience craves is emotional or/and informational value. This is especially the case for many youngsters – Millenials and Gen Z representatives worldwide.

Bringing this craved value is much easier to achieve in video format. You can probably easily recall the last time you have experienced an emotional response even to the shortest clip on your own. Such materials bring about a more deep, more personal, and intimate experience. These are the kinds of info that speak directly to the viewer. Another good example of making emotional connections with users is animated videos, which can be made via free online animation maker tools such as Renderforest.

After all, people tend to share emotions on social media, not just dry facts. And another trend is that consumers globally tend to show loyalty to the brands that have the same ethics and similar values.

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It Has Great ROI

According to the research, 83% of companies confirm that video is the type of content that offers a great return on investment. After watching videos, users are likely to buy more, spend more time on a given page, share the materials, and engage in general. Focusing on video materials is a good way to build a community around a brand.

Additionally, creating this type of content is much more affordable even if one compares the costs with the rates that have been in the market five years ago. Some claim that the quality of production is not as valued as the quality of information these days.

And yeah, many of us can relate to watching some YouTube video that a teen had shot on the worst camera. Why? Just because it gave us the solution to a particular problem. Today, the clip can be made via smartphone and edited in the app.

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In Summary

It is believed that video content is going to take 82% of Internet traffic in two years. Such materials are much more attractive to the audience, as they help in building trust, raising brand awareness, and do sell products.

Video content has an emotional and entertaining value. It also performs much better in terms of conversions and the time of engagement with the audience. Still, the main reason to focus your content team on it is that this is what the audience wants badly!