9 Apex Legends Tips and Tricks for Beginners – 2024 Guide

If you like FPS video games, you must have heard of Apex Legends, which is one of the most popular shooting games in recent years. This battle royale game requires you to be a team player and to implement various tactics to win your opponents. While it might seem like a simple and easy game even for a beginner to be good at from the start, this game requires advanced skills to become a professional and compete against the best players.

If you are a beginner, you will need some time and experience to become a good Apex Legends player. Also, you will need good gear, especially a highly sensitive mouse, a good keyboard, and a decent PC. Moreover, you can visit pwp.legionfarm.com, where you can find professionals that can show you some important tricks and help you to become more skilled. Furthermore, we are going to introduce you to some of the most important tips and tricks that every beginner should know.

1. Stay Close to Jumpmaster

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The session in Apex Legends starts with a drop from the sky, and one of three players in your team is always a Jumpmaster. That person is responsible for determining the location and the angle where you are going to land. However, the other two members of the team could also share their opinions about the landing site, but you should let the Jumpmaster make a final decision. Nevertheless, you should avoid separating from the squad during landing, because you will become a more vulnerable and easy target. Apart from that, it would be much harder for your teammates to revive you when you are not near. If you want to separate from the team, you should wait for the landing first.

2. Choose Your Items Wisely

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When you start the game, you will have 8 empty slots for weapons and other accessories like shields and health healers. Also, you can increase the number by 6 if when you find new backpacks on the ground, which means that you should keep enough space for that as well. You should know that the first time when you land, you should pick everything you find. However, keep in mind that leaving enough space for the right choice of ammunition can be crucial in late-game. Also, each type of weapon need different sort of ammunition, and that means you should pay attention to what you collect through the map.

3. Heal on Some Safe Location

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Unlike some other games where you take a healing potion and instantly recover your health in Apex Legends, it takes a longer period until your health-bar is full again. In that matter, you should avoid healing when there are enemies around since you will become even more vulnerable and useless. It would be better to continue your fight even with low health than trying to hide in front of the opponents to heal.

4. Always Pick-up Yellow Gear

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This part of the game is similar to the type of cards that you can choose in Hearthstone. The purple items are rare, while yellow gear represents a Legendary, improved, and unique weapons and accessories. If you find some yellow pieces on a map, you should immediately take it. For example, a yellow digital threat scope will help you to find enemies, while the yellow armor can replenish much faster. Also, a legendary backpack has a much faster time of consumption, knockout shield gives you an ability to revive yourself, and a yellow helmet will provide you with faster regeneration.

5. Choose a Proper Character


In this game, you can choose from twelve characters that represent the Apex Legends. Each one of these has some special abilities, while standard skills are the same when it comes to speed and ability to pick various items. However, you should pick a legend by your preferences. For example, if you like action, and to be a carry in the team, you should pick up Wraith, or Bangalore. Also, if you are more passive and like to perform good in defending, you can pick Bloodhound. Every team should have a good healer as well, and you can choose Lifeline for that.

6. Stay Close to Your Team

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In this game, teamwork can be crucial for a victory, which means that you should not get away from your teammates, and try to kill opponents on your own. You can try, but there is a great possibility of failure. Also, you will be much more useful for your team when you create a strategy with them and stick together all the time. Moreover, it would be much easier and faster for the team to heal and revive each other when you are all close.

7. Don’t Worry About the Ring Until Late-Game

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The Apex Legends is a game when the field is reducing in time, and there is a ring around the map that is shrinking and might get you killed if you don’t move in front of the middle from time to time. However, the speed of shrinking is not that fast, and you should rather concentrate on other things like collecting items and killing your enemies than worrying about the ring in the early game.

8. Ping System is Very Useful

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Like in some strategies, you could also use the ping system in Apex Legends to mark the location of your opponents or items that you cannot carry or some gear that might be much more useful to your teammates than you. Also, you can communicate with other members with this system, by telling them your location, or where you are heading. It is much easier for beginners to use the ping system than trying to explain something over the headphones. Nonetheless, there are players online from all around the world, and this feature will make it much easier for you to communicate with people who don’t know English so well.

9. Revive Your Teammates Carefully

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While it is very important to heal or revive your teammates, it is also important to not get killed during that period. The process of reviving lasts around 5 seconds, and you can become an easy target during that period. In that matter, you should always wait for a clean area, or to hide somewhere before reviving other members of your team.