10 Most Useful Apps & Websites Every Student Should Use – 2024 Guide

Sure, college students today have a plethora of useful resources compared to their predecessors. However, alongside, the curriculums have also changed, making way for a more rigorous and competitive academic environment than before.

Many students find it tricky to find resources that are relevant to them. Not only do they have to shuffle through hundreds of reviews, but what works for one student might not work for another. To help you save your time a little bit, here we have a list of the best learning tools used and favored by students.

A majority of these sites also have their dedicated apps so you can benefit from them on the go.

1. EssayPro

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It is not uncommon for students to find themselves struggling to meet a submission deadline. Sometimes, the topic is too complicated, or the time is too limited to complete the paper in the desired quality. Fortunately, a team of academic experts has come forward with a solution to help scholars in this dilemma.

According to Essay Writing Services, it is one of the most reliable essay writing services that has helped hundreds of students with their assignments. Their professional writers are well-versed in any topic and can handle tight deadlines to meet your requirements. If you are ever looking for help with college coursework or assignments, EssayPro can easily be your go-to essay help website.

2. Rate My Professors

No one wants to sit through a lecture that is either boring or where you do not understand anything. Who else other than your peers can help you avoid this?

Rate My Professors is a site where students leave reviews about a teacher or a school. This will help you find the best professors and programs offered in a school and receive insight into how the classes are offered. Currently, there are over 14 million user ratings for over 1 million professors in 7000 schools.

3. Studyfy

Studyfy.com is a resource where every student can find useful information for themselves!

You can download and study materials, search for recommended study content, and track your progress. Thes services help you maximize your study time efficiency, allowing students to benefit from a schedule that balances learning and leisure.

4. Grammarly

Has the English grammar been haunting you for long? All you need to do is download and install Grammarly on your devices. The app will ensure that your writing is impeccable by pointing out your grammar and spelling mistakes and recommending alternatives.

You can also use the tool to replace the most commonly used words with their synonyms, thus improving the overall quality of your writing. The premium version also comes with a plagiarism checker to verify the authenticity of your documents. Besides, you can take a further step and get a human expert to proofread and edit your document through Grammarly.

5. Purdue OWL

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Throughout your college life, you will have to write different academic papers that vary from simple essays to elaborate research. However, these assignments are given without giving the students training on the specific type of article and how to approach it.

Purdue University has thus created the site called THE OWL, which offers detailed instructions and guidelines on the different techniques of academic paper writing. The website covers aspects of writing styles, citations, job search writing, and tips for students for whom English is a second language.

6. GoConqr

Mind mapping is deemed one of the most effective routes to understand a concept and retain it in your memory. GoConqr is an integrated tool of content creation that makes it possible for students to design their learning strategies.

The site gives you access to mind maps, flashcards, flowcharts, and slides. Students can also find courses and quizzes for a number of subjects, from algebra to zoology. GoConqr currently has a worldwide community that enables you to combine a myriad of resources, along with images, links, and video files, to create a customized learning style.

7. Feedly

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Being a student not only requires you to stay on top of your academics but also be aware of the events happening in your field. Today, several industries are blended into one another, making it imperative to be well-informed of current affairs across all sectors. If you want to avoid information overload and pick up only what’s significant to you, Feedly can quickly help you with that.

The app comes with Leo, an AI assistant that will organize your reading materials based on your interests. You can filter out the articles you want to read and share them with others as well.

8. Koofers

Want to go one step ahead to prepare for your exams? Students can access past tests and question banks from Koofers. This excellent site offers a free test bank of previous exams from different schools, colleges, and professors. You can also find course reviews, study materials, and other resources to help you through your learning process.

9. Glassdoor

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Internships and part-time jobs have become an inevitable part of a student career. The more opportunities you find, the easier it is for you to land a job immediately after graduation.

Glassdoor is a resourceful site that has dedicated search criteria for students looking for internships and graduate jobs. You can also find information on companies, see reviews from previous and current employees to make informed decisions on your career choices.

10. Forest

Want to combine your effort to stay focused on contributing to the environment? The Forest app will plant trees on your behalf every time you commit to your work. As you focus, the trees will continue to grow. If you leave your work session without completing it, the tree will die. Each session earns you credits, which are used to plant real trees around the world.

Wrapping Up

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The internet comes with a vast amount of resources for students. These learning tools can help you navigate your student life better by providing all the necessities you need and more. Do not hesitate to take advantage of these tools  and websites that can help you achieve your goals faster.