5 Secret Apps Cheaters Use to Hide Their Affairs – 2024 Guide

Whether you’re cheating or want to find out if your partner is cheating on you, we’re sure you’re interested in the places where it happens. Most of it happens on social networks. However, people here are generally not anonymous and are much more at risk and that is why they are more often caught cheating. That’s why more and more people have started using dating apps that are much easier to work on.

This is possible due to the myriad of different benefits that these apps bring. So, by using their fantastic functions, people keep their affairs secret. As you know, phones remember everything and therefore leave traces that can reveal infidelity. That is why there are apps that cover absolutely every trace of unauthorized communication.

To find out what kind of apps it is, keep reading. We will introduce you to the most popular secret apps that people most often use to cheat on their partners.

1. Viber

Source: radioberane.me

This may seem ridiculous to you, because it seems so naive. So, this app was transparent, but that is no longer the case. The reason this app is on our list is very simple. These are all the features that Viber has.

As we have already mentioned, this seemingly harmless app can contain great secrets. You just need to know how to use it. This is accomplished by using secret chat or hiding chat.

If you have Viber you may have noticed these options. They are secret conversations that you can create and thus control the time for which the text will disappear. For example, set your message to be automatically deleted in 3 minutes and it will happen. Of course, it doesn’t matter what you send and whether it’s videos, voice messages or something else – everything will disappear in 3 minutes.

Hidden chat can only be seen while you are chatting and then disappears and reappears when you are active. You control everything.

2. Signal

Source: medium.com

We present you another one that was created for exchanging secret messages and arranging secret meetings. All this is possible because the app also automatically deletes messages after a while. This makes it ideal for everyone’s needs, because it will look like app that you use to contact the manufacturers. On the other hand, you indulge in passions when no one is watching you and you are communicating with your secret partner. So, exchanged text or video messages disappear when you decide.

It also has another great option. You can activate the automatic deletion of a conversation so that it only applies to the secret partner. That way, others will have no doubt why you used this option. People usually set up a conversation for a minute, because that’s enough for secret arrangements or sending a video/audio recording.

3. Telegram

Source: poynter.org

An app like this is just as great a choice as the ones listed above. In any case, it is on our list, which makes it one of the most popular apps of this type. Why is she so popular? First of all, a lot of people use this one because it contains many good features that attract a large number of users. These are also people who do not have the same interests as people who want to secretly cheat on their partner.

This is the first advantage that most people who belong to this second group of users will take advantage of. So, your partner will never suspect that you have installed this application to do something you should not. What suits all people who have such intentions is the update of the latest version.

This applies to Autodestruct – setting up automatic deletion of conversations with certain people. It is also a matter of hidden chat, and anyone who wants to join this chat can only use a pin.

4. Ashley Madison

Source: mydatingadviser.com

We are introducing another app that can give you an amazing experience. This refers to the user experience, but also what you can experience with a potential partner. The reason is a number of features that can bring you great results and make your search easier. So, it refers primarily to the discretion that this application guarantees. Ashley Madison, like those sites, can help you find a bit funny when you are married.

On the other hand, there is a dynamic search mode and many other options that will surely leave you speechless. For example, there is an option that allows you to search for users near you by specifying your location. You also have the opportunity as a user of this app to like or reject other users, as well as to ask for their photos.

There are also a large number of filters that can significantly speed up and facilitate your overall search. This is how you will find the right partner. It is important to note that this app is completely free as well as all of the above.

5. Snapchat

Source: businessinsider.com

This app has been one of the most used for years, and lately more than ever. Why is that? It is true that Snapchat has the option of a short video, fantastic effects and messages that are deleted by Instagram and others. So, anyone who used this in time could enjoy hiding on this seemingly harmless platform for years.

However, it’s never too late to start using self-deleting messages right away and everything else this app brings. If you have not used this platform before, it is important that you know some basic information about it. It is used very simply. Once you’ve installed and turned it on, you may come across a lit front camera, but you’ll discover all the other benefits of using Snapchat later.

When you want to add contacts, all you have to do is drag the screen down and click on the ghost icon.


As you can read, today you can get a hot and discreet affair at the same time. You achieve all this thanks to apps that has features that are exclusively for the benefit of users. We hope we have helped you find enough information about these apps that contain many secrets and pleasure.