Best New Apps in 2024 Useful for Students

College comes with a plethora of responsibilities, and it can often be tough for students to keep up with demanding coursework. Yet, in our digital age, useful apps emerge with the speed of light to ease the burden of studying for students and make the process more flexible and fun. And the best part is- most of them are absolutely free!

You are a college freshman? Have a lot of college work to do? And don’t have a desire to search for useful apps all over the internet? Take a break from Instagram or another social media or a game, for some time and check out the best new apps in 2024 to help you nail any assignment.



If you suffer from procrastination as many do, SelfControl is a free open-source website that can come to your rescue by letting you block access to distracting websites and fully concentrate on your work. No matter how talented you are, no work can be completed flawlessly unless you give it your undivided attention.

In our world filled with distractions, it is easy to lose sense of time scrolling Facebook all day long. SelfControl will help you block access to your Facebook, Instagram, email notifications, Netflix, YouTube, or any other web resource during your specified time. It is crucial to note that SelfControl is only made for Mac users. If you use Android, go for Cold Turkey or Freedom app instead.

uVocab Vocabulary Trainer


Today, many college students underestimate the value of regularly honing their vocabulary. A rich vocabulary bank allows you to express yourself masterfully through the proper use of words. So, whether you’re preparing for the SAT or want to impress your professor with your next academic paper, be sure to start using uVocab today!

The app offers a variety of tools for vocabulary learning & training, including over 4500 exam words, tests, and questions to assist students in preparing for and building their word library. What’s more, you may track your progress and see how well or poorly you are doing.



ExamTime offers a plethora of study tools to easily create and manage all of your revision notes, so you can get rid of those stacks of notebooks! Its main features include mind-maps, flashcards, quizzes, and notes, all of which can be used to safely store the information you wish to remember.

With ExamTime, you can create revision schedules and easily access diverse practice papers to complement your studies. If you need expert aid with your writing, can help by providing free academic essay samples and experienced writing assistance. The firm offers individually-tailored guidance for students who wish to create stellar, error-free essays on their own.



If you’re having trouble referencing your papers, you’re not alone. Many students find referencing a tedious process that can often go wrong. RefME is an excellent tool that can help you write stellar references every time. The app allows you to efficiently find and track your books and resources, and in the end, efficiently cite them.

What’s more, RefME offers thousands of open educational resources to help you kick-start your academic reading and choose the best materials for your research. You may also automate citations and bibliographies, allowing you more time to spend refining your work.

Wolfram Alpha


“We aspire to compute whatever can be computed about anything,” says Wolfram Alpha, a massive information engine that sounds like a dismal sci-fi film plot.

Yet it performs exactly what it says on the tin. This app can perform sophisticated computations via built-in smart algorithms to help you solve the most difficult equations and even calculate the nutritional data for M&Ms! Furthermore, you may benefit from the included information on broad math topics.



Trello is a visual collaboration tool that allows you to seamlessly interact with your teams by using top-notch project management and communication tools. You can track the progress of your study projects and workflows. Whether you’re a student looking to nail your next group project at college or a businessperson seeking to build a strong team – Trello is your way to go!

Trello’s intuitive features let you form and manage strong teams around various projects and do so in a fun and flexible way. You may also quickly connect Trello to other useful apps for students or add a Power-Up to assist you to fine-tune one specific purpose. There are hundreds of Power-Ups to choose from, ensuring that your team’s needs are met.



How many times have you sat down for a fruitful study session, only to find yourself scrolling Twitter 5 minutes later? If it is often the case, you would greatly benefit from time management apps like Forest.

Forest is a top-notch app that adopts a creative approach to help you stay focused – it lets you plant a tree in your app every time you start working. The app grows the tree which will instantly die if you touch your phone to scroll another app. The more you focus without procrastinating, the more trees you can collect and add to your virtual forest, leaving you satisfied and determined to stay focused each time.

Haiku Deck


Haiku Deck is a one-of-a-kind student app that lets you create flawless presentations using a range of in-built templates and sophisticated features.

Haiku Deck lets you choose from miscellaneous trendy fonts, layouts, and graphic filters to create stunning visuals that graphic designers charge a fortune for. Furthermore, the app employs intelligent tools to help you focus on the subject matter, simplify your message, as well as use emotionally-charged graphics and proper formatting.

Wrapping Up

College can be tough, and it is common to feel discouraged from studying. Similar apps should be your constant companion in 2024 to make your routine far more enjoyable and manageable. After all, why not harness the power of modern technology to your full advantage? Be sure to check out our list of suggested best apps for students to save time, stay more productive, and deliver top-notch assignments every time.