10 Best Educational Games for Kids to Improve Focus and Learning

Kids are hyper-energetic, and it is crucial to direct their energy toward learning in their early years. So what can be a more fun and practical option than educational games? Games that allow your child to learn while playing are the best way to keep them engaged and entertained.

The game-based approach opens a whole new world of learning opportunities and is rightfully being implemented in schools and other educational institutions. These fun activities inculcate a deeper understanding of concepts and offer skill and knowledge development in children.

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So, if you are wondering which educational games your kid should play, here are our top picks.

10 Best Educational Games for Kids

1. Tate Kids

Source: researchgate.net

Age-appropriate for 6+

Tate Kids is a project of a British art gallery named Tate. The project intends to inspire kids to learn and appreciate art through games and quizzes. Kids can also get help with their art homework.

Besides, this platform facilitates a network of art-loving kids to share their art masterpieces with other kids around the world. You will find your little artist engrossed in some art activity, exploring their creativity through this game! You can have others review your kid’s artworks, similar to how you check the essay service review before deciding on a paper writing platform to help you with your assignments.

It is available on the web for free.

2. Prodigy

Source: prodigygame.com

Age-appropriate for 6-12

It is a great game for kids who love mathematics. The game incentivizes kids to answer the problems and offers rewards. Prodigy uses different data to assemble the right sets of questions for each student based on their skill set. Kids get to explore different adventures that they can unlock by solving math problems. They can also play with their friends, making it even more fun! The difficulty level increases as you proceed.

3. Animal Jam Classic

Source: classic-help.animaljam.com

Age-appropriate for 6-12

Animal Jam has collaborated with The National Geographic Society to construct an online virtual world. It uses mini-games, adventures, fun facts, and animal avatars to teach kids about zoology and the environment. Kids learn about real animals and their habitats in the game. They also get to keep their favorite virtual pet and have much more fun. The parental control features give it an edge.

4. Endless Ocean

Source: nintendo.co.uk

Age-appropriate for 10+

As the name suggests, Endless Ocean is a scuba diving game that allows its players to explore different oceans. Your kid can learn so much about marine life through this fun game. The game also names and categorizes various species under the sea as soon as the player encounters them.

5. Wordscapes

Source: in.mashable.com

Age-appropriate for 5+

Wordscape is a great tool to practice words and spelling! It is a word puzzle game where instead of hints and clues, the player is given a selection of letters. The player has to jumble up the letters to find the correct words for the puzzle. The built-in dictionary further enhances their vocabulary.

6. Endless Alphabet

Source: youtube.com

Age-appropriate for 3+

Fascinating cartoon monsters and colorful characters teach your little ones letters and vocabulary. It is a fun game to help your kids learn to read with amazing puzzle games, talking letters, and well-illustrated definitions.

7. National Geographic Challenge

Source: games.rs

The National Geographic Challenge is a game that tests your knowledge of geography. It is suitable for all players who love to learn more about the world. The National Geographic Challenge has different game modes to suit you. It features a campaign-like explorer mode that will take you around the world while asking questions about countries and locations.

8. Crossword (Offline)

Source: theverge.com

Age-appropriate for 8+

The classic crossword game has been the favorite of logophiles for ages. You can play this game with your kid at home and add fun to their learning. This offline game will help your little one memorize words and synonyms in an interesting way. It is played on a rectangular grid of black and white squares. The words are filled based on mini-quizzes that have answers with connecting letters.

9. Monopoly (Offline)

Source: nationaltoday.com

Age-appropriate for 8+

In this popular offline game, players move around the board, buying and trading properties and developing them into houses and hotels. You need to implement shrewd deals and careful strategy to make your opponents lose their money and assets. This difficult game will inculcate excellent business sense and critical thinking in your child. It will also improve their problem-solving skills.

10. Cards (Offline)

Source: smartphoto.eu

You can use a deck of cards to teach your kid math skillfully. There is a range of card games that can help you improve their arithmetic skills. Based on their age and ability, you can select suitable games, such as Memory, where you flip two cards, and if the cards match, you win.


Kids are more easily distracted than teens. So, it is impractical to expect them to sit for hours to study and learn, read more here. The best solution is to involve them in educational games to enhance their knowledge and skills. Try the games mentioned above and let your little ones learn effortlessly.