10 Best Math Apps For Kids That Engage & Boost Learning

Everything is rapidly changing with the presence of technology – including learning. Now, you don’t necessarily need to be in a classroom or learning environment to acquire knowledge. There are now so many available learning options. Using apps as a learning device has become another convenient option. Students can hire a writer from Ibuyessay.

Some apps provide a broad learning experience. However, there are others made for specific subjects. These apps benefit students as they can now use designated apps for various subjects. A good example is the math app; it offers students many ways to learn math.

Students struggle with math and the accompanying homework the most. With math homework apps, students can learn and find solutions to math problems in a fun way. It also applies to kids; here are the best math apps.

1. Prodigy Math

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Prodigy is a math app that functions like a game. It is used widely by over 50 million students across the globe. Every major math topic has contents ranging from 1st to 8th-grade math. There’s also math for DoK for levels one to three.

The game allows students to compete in math duels against computer characters. To stand a winning chance against the characters, you must answer sets of math questions. The exciting thing about the app is that the questions are customizable, and teachers can reset them to taste.

2. CK-12

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The CK-12 is a mathematical learning app that’s free for students. Students who sign up are given access to free lessons in several areas of STEM subjects.

The information on the app is broken down in several ways to be easily digestible for students. Some features used to enhance the app’s user experience are; textual descriptions, flashcards, practical experiments, video lectures, multimedia simulations, and photo galleries. It’s available to ages 4-18 and accessible on App Store, Google Play, and the Web.

3. Buzzmath

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Buzzmath is an app for middle school students that appears as a game. In the app, students are tasked with helping an inventor named Alfred. Their job is to help him save a place called Mathlantis by restoring the math knowledge of the population.

Students travel through the game, meeting famous mathematicians, helping them regain lost math knowledge and save Mathlantis. It’s available to 3rd to 8th graders. However, it’s subscription-based; $20/month, $40/quarter, and $60/year.

4. Rocket Math

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The game-like math app requires students to complete a math mission and build and launch their rockets into space. The app has 26 levels, and each level has three achievements: take-off, orbit, and the universe. An exciting part of the app is that it teaches students while entertaining them. Once students cannot answer math questions in three seconds, it provides an answer, and students have to prove they’ve learned it.

5. Splash Math

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The Splash Math app is a self-paced math learning app that enables students to learn at their pace. There are math problems for all grades on the app. However, students can progress towards other grades after solving their grades. The app includes 351 math skills for learning, and learning them helps improve students’ math skills.

6. MentalUP

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The MentalUP math app is made explicitly for 1st to 6th graders. Pupils within these grades can use this App to solve and learn math problems. It’s a math learning game that provides pupils with all they need for math practice. The math areas covered in the App range from addition to subtraction, fractions, multiplication, and measurement.

The MentalUP math app is also regarded as one of the best math apps for kids with learning disabilities. As such, kids with Dyscalculia and Dyslexia have an easy time learning math with the App.

The App was developed explicitly for this purpose, to support children’s cognitive development. Kids in lower grades can use it to prepare for higher grades. There are simplified maths topics and contents based on the school curriculum that helps kids advance their math knowledge.

7. Mental Math Cards

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Mental Math Cards is a math learning app recommended for kids four years old and above. The App has a Game Center, Leaderboards, and Achievements. With the Game Center feature, kids can challenge their math skills with others and share the scores with everyone.

Using the App is made easy with the step-to-step solving guide and instruction provided. As you progress, problem-solving grows a bit more challenging. However, the goal of every challenge is to help build kids’ mathematical skills.

The App has a family-sharing set that supports up to 6 people. It comes with a free and premium plan – each available for all users. The premium costs $1.99/month and is only available on the App Store.

8. Monster Math

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Math is fun with Monster Math because you’ll be signing up to learn from a cute monster. Monster Math gives the maximum numbers, times tables, and primary long division practice. The Monster Math tests multiple math skills while guiding kids toward the answers.

On each trial, the game provides a brand new story and various adaptive gameplay, which helps keep kids at the correct math level. While kids learn multiple maths skills, they also help the Monster Maxx fight its enemies and save his friend, Dextra. It’s a stimulating learning experience that helps kids learn math while having fun.

The game is suitable for kids between ages 6-11. There’s a free version, and the premium version costs $9.99/per month.

9. Moose Math

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If you have a kid that loves animals, they’ll have a lot of fun learning Moose Math. It’s regarded as one of the best math apps for kids due to its fun and multi-level activities that keep kids engaged. While having fun, kids participate in learning addition, subtraction, sorting, and basic-grade geometry.

The App is compatible with kids between ages 3-7, and it’s entirely free. It’s also available on App and Google Play Store.

10. SplashLearn

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SplashLearn is another fun math app that’ll entertain your kids. It’s the best fun maths app for division, decimals, and fractions. Smaller kids can start first with learning patterns, shapes, and counting objects. The older kids can start by figuring out decimals and fractions.

Depending on their age, each child can tailor the App to fit their learning path. It’s a paid app that costs $8 per month and $60 per year. Kids between ages 4-10 can use it, and it’s available on App and Google Play Store.


The interesting thing about these math apps is that they ensure that learning math is fun, not dull. With these apps, students could find themselves spending hours solving math without getting irritated or frustrated. You can find more useful information on brighterly.com.