Tips to Boost Your Bulk SMS Marketing Campaigns in 2024

SMS marketing is dead, isn’t it?

Many marketing campaigns may not seem relevant enough in the world of information technologies. But this is not true. Now, each company chooses the most suitable way of advertising and increases its target audience in the shortest possible time. Online chats, SMS messages, and other types of mailings are among the most promising ones. Every minute people send bulk SMS in the USA and all worldwide; several million messages are delivered to motivate customers to follow links, make purchases, and view new products.

You should select a specific time for sending messages, which will lead to increasing the level of interest among customers. For example, it is best to send messages about promotions in online stores during daytime or late in the evening, when potential customers have completed their work and can consider unique offers. The limited duration of certain promotions will create a sense of urgency and importance of your message, which will motivate customers to take action.

Top 5 ways to improve your SMS marketing campaign


The results of SMS marketing can be based on previous experience in advertising. Therefore, it is recommended that you use techniques that are easy to analyze. Data analytics is extremely important here. It allows you to make informed decisions regarding your next business steps. You will be able to see if the message requires changes, how often users click the link in them, and if the conversion rate is increasing.

You will have access to statistics of the marketing campaign effectiveness – return on investment, feedback and other significant data to increase sales.



The best way to conduct an advertising campaign is being confident in the correct segmentation of the target audience. This will lead to better relationships between clients and the company. Potential users will be able to see important information in your newsletters. As a result, you will notice an increase in conversion on the site.

You can use your CRM system with the service provider for bulk SMS texting, which is used for newsletters. This will allow you to send messages to users, who live in a particular area, make certain purchases, and so on.

There is one important detail in targeting – the limit of message displayed to one user. This allows you to adjust the amount of advertising for each client without overloading them with unnecessary information and without bothering them.

Text of messages


Business SMS marketing should reflect all wishes of a particular client. You can send messages based on user actions or inaction. Initiated messages allow you to interact with the client online. For example, a user has purchased a smartphone on your site. You can offer him headphones for this phone, a case or other accessory that will facilitate the process of using the device. Or you can reduce prices on certain products that are interesting to the client.

If you offer certain services, try to interest users with price reductions or by increasing the list of similar services. Another important thing is personalization of messages – a client, who sees his name at the beginning of a message, will more likely want to know what is written below. For more information about SMS for businesses, check out

Call to action


Using the mass texting tool can improve messages, but there is another way. A call to action is the best marketing move you can imagine for mass mailings. These are a few phrases that motivate users to act:

  • “Buy now”;
  • “Follow the link”;
  • “Click”;
  • “Order the product you like.”

These short messages will provide increased number of visits to your site and ensure better interaction with potential customers.

First of all, choose the goal of your advertising campaign. There should be only one call to action in the message. This will help users make decisions. At the beginning of a message, use a verb and then elaborate your offer in a full sentence. Don’t forget to call the user and provide your contact information: phone number or a link to your site so that the user has the opportunity to study your services and use them. Don’t use long and complex sentences. SMS should be as simple as possible. This will help recipients understand your offer correctly and start acting actively.



Bulk mailings using the SMS gateway platform often have a link, following which the client is transferred to your site. But the number of characters in the message can be limited, while URLs are often too long. In this case, it is recommended to create a link that will contain the name of your brand. Users trust brand URLs more, therefore the number of visits will be much more.

To be able to analyze visits to your site, you can use UTM tags when posting a link in a message. This will allow you to track the interest of potential customers in your ad piece. When using targeted texting, specify the name of the mailing, city in which a certain product is located, message text, and much more.

Text on behalf of the brand


To ensure that mass SMS to users doesn’t show an anonymous sender, it is worth using the brand name instead of just a phone number. For instance,  this service bulk SMS sender allows you to manage the sender’s info easily. In this way, the credibility of the message will increase. The user will not think that the SMS was sent from a phishing site.

The unique identifier of the sender can be registered for free or at a minimum cost. This information is publicly available. It can be found, for example, on Twilio.

Most brands use bulk texting campaigns not only in marketing. They use SMS messages in customer service —  resetting a password, reminder of important appointments or confirming delivery of goods. SMS notifications are a great way to get feedback and conduct polls. After contacting any company, a user can receive a message asking them to evaluate the work of operators. Such messages allow the client to get used to communicating with the company and use its services more often.