Best Tips League of Legends Elo Boost in 2024

Did you know that there are around 115 million LoL players in the world?

This is a huge number of people in one place and we suppose it will reduce in the future. Anyway, huge popularity means that competition is tough. Boosting your Elo can be frustrating and difficult in those circumstances and we think that services like Boosteria and others can help you with this.

League of Legends requires a high level of communication between team members, patience, and perseverance. We can compare LoL players with athletes. Neither of the most successful athletes has become successful over the night. They were working hard to achieve their personal and team goals. The things are not different at all when we talk about League of Legends.

So, let’s see together how to boost your Elo.

Good Communication

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It truly doesn’t matter if you play LoL alone or with someone. Communication is one of the most important things if you want to achieve success in any game. We suggest you turn on Discord or Skype while playing. However, if you don’t like there two apps, it is important to use chat or pings to communicate with people around you.

It maybe doesn’t look important if you do not alert your team about some important pieces of information. However, only one moment of bad communication could lead to an increase of kills.

We have also noticed that many players do not share everything they think about with their friends. Your plans and moves need to be clear to the other team members. If your strategy is not clear, things can go in a completely different direction.

Explore the Map

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Each highly-skilled LoL player knows that map awareness is something that will bring them success. Improving your knowledge about this game is a fun process. Still, it happens that some players do not notice a jungler pass by a ward or simply forget to report enemy movements. These two things mustn’t happen to someone who is trying to achieve high goals.

We suggest you check your minimap every few seconds. This move won’t only reduce the number of deaths; it will also give you a clearer picture of where your enemies could be. When you know that, you can also predict which objectives your opponents are trying to take.

As we said, many players do not check the minimap that often. If you do that, you will be one step ahead of them. That will help you boost your Elo and be better than others.

Mechanical and Mastery Awareness

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Okay, this piece of advice maybe deserves to be in the first place because of its importance. Your goal is to gain a competitive edge over your opponents, right? Then, you need to master a small pool of champions. We understand your desire to boost your Elo maximally and become one of the best players on the platform. Still, playing ten different champions at once won’t help you achieve 10 different goals. More precisely, you probably won’t achieve anything you were planning.

Reduce the number of champions and select a couple of them. In that way, you can ensure that you play effectively for each role. It is going to be a lot harder or even impossible to improve the level of skills and mastery if the champion pool is bigger.

When a player master a few champs, he is going to be able to perform well independently from what the meta dictates. If you are picking a champ just because they are meta picks won’t bring any positive results to your Elo. You will face players that improved their skills to perfection with their chosen champions. These people are aware of their weaknesses and strengths as well. Besides that, they know exactly which things to do at each stage of the game.

So, will be you be able to boost your Elo under these conditions?

Get to Know Yourself

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As we said, each high-quality player is aware of his weaknesses. Still, we have noticed that many people only focus on their strengths. Your strengths might improve your Elo, but sooner or later, you will show your weaknesses. If you do not work on their improvement actively, your Elo won’t boost.

We suggest you get a piece of paper and write down each weakness you notice during the game. That will give you a clear picture of the things that you need to improve. Still, improving them once is also not enough. As we said, the popularity of LoL is huge and it tends to grow. The new players have new tricks and tactics and you need to adapt to those changes. If your skills are stagnating, you won’t be able to achieve anything including better Elo.

Be Patient

We already said above that time dedication is necessary for success in each field. If you tend to boost your Elo, do not expect that something like this will happen tomorrow or this week. It is important to be patient. You will see that time dedication always pays off in the end.

Trust us; the first moment when you feel that you made a little improvement, you will work become motivated to continue. Do not forget that commitment and patience always pay off in the end. Your skills will slowly start to improve and that will have a direct impact on your Elo.

Don’t Give Up

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We can also say that you must stay on the ground. We do not want to say that you will win absolutely every game that you play. Many players gave up from their Elo after losing a couple of games in a row. It can happen that you do not win a game for a few days. Still, if you give up, that means that you do not deserve to be successful.

Each defeat is a lesson. Do not try to blame others if you lose. It is much smarter to analyze your games and see which weaknesses you have.


No one is going to blame you if everything we talked about seems different to you. If you need a little help, we suggest you visit this site and ask for help. This is also some sort of skill improvement, isn’t it?