How to Download & Play League of Legends on Android 2024

How to Download & Play League of Legends on Android 2024

It is just announced that League of legends is coming on Android and IOS. Many of the League of legends fans now play the game on Android and IOS in 2024. The game will remain on the web but as well as on Android and IOS also.

It was the 10th Anniversary celebration for League of legends in which Riot games developers have just announced that the game is coming on the smartphones.

  • Best Phones for League of Legends Mobile in 2024

League of Legends: If we talk about the Wild Rift, then this not precisely like the League of Legends on PC. Now you think about what is the main difference between the games. “Controls” yes, control is the main difference. The game has more optimized for gamers who don’t use a mouse or keyboard.

Pre-Registrations for League of Legends

Here we are providing you the play store link to download the League of Legends: Wild Rift. The game will be available on Android and IOS. For now, we have got the latest updates that the company has launched the pre-registration for the LOL.

We are not sure which game will include. We hope that they will place one of the games like PS4 and XBOX, and if we are lucky, they may place Nintendo Switch.

How to Download League of Legends on Android:

As we all know that the League of legend is now available on Android play store, and pre-registration are started already. You can register your game now. Once the game officially launched, it will automatically come into your Android phones, and you can easily play the game on your phones.

Once the game installs on your Android device, you can go anywhere and play League of legends. Below we are sharing some advantages to play League of legends on mobile.

Advantages to Play League of Legends on Android Phone

There are many advantages here we are listing a few of them:

  • You can easily play the game during traveling either you are by bus or you in a car.
  • During the break time, you can play the League of Legends in School or college.
  • While you are on the doctor’s appointment and you are waiting for your turn. You can quickly get your phone and play League of Legends on Android.
  • You may play a multiplayer game with friends in the same room.

Official Announcement to download and play League of Legends to Mobile

It took ten years to come to League of legends on the user’s smartphone. Everyone is so excited to play a game on their smartphones. There will be so many features, and it will just introduce new modes for tablets, mobile phones.

Riot just announced on the 10th anniversary of League of Legends. During the Announcement, the trailer has also been launched.

League of Legends Mobile Trailor (Android Version)

Before reading more, let’s watch the trailer for League of legends together, and it will more excited to watch the trailer on phones.

Multiplayer League of Legends on Android & IOS

Riot Games has just announced that the game will be multiplayer, and fans can play with each other on both devices, Android and IOS. If someone thinks that the League of Legends PC version will embed on the Android devices, then they are wrong. It is a fully functioned game with more modes and features, and beta testing is also starting at the end of this year in December.

What Changes are coming in League of Legends Mobile Version?

There is no such official announcement, but during the RIOT games talks, they announced about the Maps.

Maps: The maps in the game will be slightly different, and it will facilitate the users for shorter matches in LOL.

Short Time: If You were completing the battle in 45 minutes, then on Android phones, you could achieve it for nearly 15-20 minutes.

Games are now Available on SmartPhones

Recently, we have seen that Call of Duty also available on Android and IOS, and many of the Android users start downloading the game on Android, and IOS users are also upgrading the game.

On the other hand, PUBG Got massive popularity on SmartPhones. Most of the laptop games are now coming to Android like Tropico, FTL: Faster than light and total war, and many other games are now available on Mobile phones to enhance the user-experiences.

In the end, Our Words for League of Legends

We are also excited about the game, and yes, it is a good step that League of Legends will come to our phones, and we can play any time. League of Legends is not the first game coming on Android and IOS devices, but yes, there are many other games like Arena of valor that also came on Android and IOS.

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