Are Smartphone Motherboards Repairable – 2024 Guide

The smartphone is one of the best technology that has come to our way in the 21st century. This device lets us carry a powerful, multipurpose computer in the palm of our hand. Smartphones have become famous throughout the world, and every year, they are becoming more and more capable. The nature of smartphones makes it vulnerable to wear and tear. And the device’s fragility further makes it susceptible to damage. There are loads of tiny parts and components that come together to form a smartphone. And they are all connected to the motherboard.

The motherboard is perhaps the most important component of any computer device. It’s a platform that connects different parts. It supplies them with power and allows them to work together. In the world of tech, a damaged motherboard spells doom for any device. This is because once a motherboard gets damaged, the different components in a device can no longer function.

In smartphones, motherboards can get damaged quite easily. The most common causes for motherboard damage are water damage or the motherboard getting bent. Regardless of what hurts your motherboard, it renders your device useless in 90% of cases. Fortunately, motherboard damage can be fixed to an extent. Repair labs, like BreakFixNow, who have the right equipment and knowledge, can save a damaged motherboard.

Can Every Motherboard Be Repaired?


The motherboard is a large circuit board with loads of tiny parts and connections running all over it. Each and every part and connection are essential in some way or the other. It becomes unusable if any of these connections are damaged. It is the central platform of any computer device. Every other part sends and receives data through the motherboard.

Unfortunately, not every motherboard can be repaired. Sometimes, the damage is far too extensive. And in some cases, your device will continue to function to an extent. In smartphones, a lot of essential components are soldered onto the motherboard. A phone’s RAM memory, and other chips are part of the motherboard itself. If your board is far too damaged, these components can be at stake as well.

Judging The Damage


It can be really hard to check a motherboard for damage without the right tools. A lot of motherboards can look just fine, but they don’t work. You can rely on software checks if your device is still functioning. If your device is not powering on, then you should take it to a repair lab. With proper tools, they can diagnose your phone’s hardware and accurately tell what the problem is. A hardware diagnosis can be carried out quickly. Usually, it takes no more than an hour.

What Are Your Options?


Once you have found a repair lab that can work on motherboards, you will need to decide what to do. In rare cases, a motherboard can be fully repaired. In cases like these, you can save your device (and a lot of money) and continue using your phone until the end of its lifespan.

A severely damaged motherboard cannot be fixed. Even with the best micro-soldering tools, it isn’t possible. It is possible to take your old motherboard, remove all of its components, and install them on a new motherboard. Thanks to advancements in tech, this option is quite viable now. A motherboard “transplant” can repair your device quite effectively. You also won’t have to worry about any data being lost.

Sometimes, your motherboard isn’t the only thing that is damaged. If your entire phone has been totaled, then your options will be limited. In cases like these, you should decide what you’ll do based on the repair cost. If the repair job is going to cost you more than 60% of your device’s retail price, you should discard it instead. It would be better to add a bit more money and simply buy a brand-new device. If the repair cost is reasonable and it will become fully functional after being repaired, you should go for the repair job.

Even a totaled phone can be salvaged for parts and for data. For most people, their data is what they would want to save the most. A damaged motherboard can be fixed to a point where you can access data stored on it. This option is great for people who have important stuff on their phone that they want to retrieve.

The Benefits of Replacing Your Motherboard


In some cases, installing a new motherboard on your phone can actually be beneficial. As you use your phone, it gets subjected to two kinds of wear and tear. There are general wear and tear caused by your phone getting bumped around and electrical wear and tear. Circuit boards gradually degrade as they are used. A motherboard will lose performance throughout its lifespan. This loss of performance translates into your phone, slowing down.

Most smartphones begin slowing down, and their power efficiency decreases as well after two years. In many cases, this can be caused by the motherboard growing old. If your motherboard becomes faulty and you get it replaced, your phone’s overall performance might get better. A good motherboard replacement can definitely increase the lifespan of your smartphone.


The motherboard is an essential and delicate part of your smartphone. It can be tough to repair if it gets damaged. But it is not impossible to repair either. With the right tools and expertise, your motherboard can be saved. In case your board is damaged beyond repair, you can still try and save your phone and data by replacing the old board.

Whether you should or shouldn’t repair your motherboard will ultimately come down to the cost of the repairs. Just make sure that you go to a repair lab that is capable. Working on a motherboard is really delicate work. A phone technician needs access to the right tools and also plenty of experience. A botched motherboard job can very easily lead to your smartphone’s permanent demise.