6 Useful Online Hiring Tools That Make Recruiting Easier in 2024

Recruiting tools are a great example of how new technologies are helping recruiters and hiring managers.

The cost of hiring employees is high, but you can save a lot of time and money if you have proper recruiting tools. This way job offers will be seen by more candidates and in the end, the best one will get hired with much less effort. Firstly you need to decide what your recruitment goal is. Secondly, find other user testimonials about using tools in the recent past. Try out the free demo version before you make parchment of any tool in case you change your mind at the last moment. Sometimes it happens that after a few days you realize that that particular tool is not what you have been searching for. Additionally, today it’s not easy to make a good decision about in which hiring tool to invest. Here is a list of some of the best tools that can help you.

1. Indeed

Source: pinterest.com

Indeed use artificial intelligence to make a shortlist of candidates who already applied for certain positions. Those are the ones who will be contacted by the company and they will be going to interview.

2. Zoom

Source: today.duke.edu

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing platform that allows simply scheduling any type of meeting, including job virtual interviews. Zoom became extremely popular during the 2020 COVID lockdown when the thousands of companies used their service. The best thing is that you can use it for free to hold 40 minutes long interview, which will be more than enough time. If you need more time, just schedule another meeting right away. This platform makes high-quality audio and video calls. Furthermore, Zoom is easy to use which is useful if you are interviewing somebody who is not a tech geek. It is compatible with Google calendar service which will help you to stay well organized.

3. Sourcehub

Source: socialtalent.com

A good way to find a good employee is via social media. Websites like Facebook and Linkedin can be extremely useful when is about finding appropriate workers. The bad thing about social media is that it takes a lot of time for HR managers to make a specific search on each of the many social networks that people use today. That is why Sorcehub is extremely useful – because it is an automated search tool that will give you way better results than you would get searching for individual social networks to find good workers. This software can help you to search for 15 different social media websites like Facebook, Twiter, Linkedin, and many others. Also, you don’t have to be an IT expert to know how to use this tool. All you need to do is enter skills you would like your worker posses and add phases that are assessed with the job title for which you need a worker, and finally add location. When you do all of these simple steps you will get stunning results.

4. Contact Out

Source: madsourcer.com

Sometimes finding the perfect employee will not end all of your struggles. From time to time HRs find themselves in a situation where they find a suitable worker, but they are not able to contact him. Even when HR sends them messages on social media it happens that they do not get an answer. Now with Contact Out not all hopes are lost in cases like this. This powerful Chrome extension will make it easy for you to find email addresses (their database has over 600 million emails). Another benefit of this extension is that you will be able to search social sites and other locations on the web.

5. Jobvite

Source: jobvite.com

Jobvite is software that will help you a lot when recruiting. Although the price can go up to 100000 dollars per year if you have a couple of thousands employees in the company, it is something worth investing in. You will see how efficient this tool is in social recruiting, but also when you create and manage mobile-optimized career sites and onboarding functions. Some of the best features of this amazing tool are:

  • Automatic screening and interview-based candidate ranking
  • S mart Scheduler feature, which looks at the schedules for multiple interviewers and picks the best time to schedule a new interview
  • Mobile-friendly application processes for candidates
  • Easy employee referrals

6. Smart Recruiters

Source: betterbuys.com

Are you an HR in a super big enterprise? If you answer this question positively then we think you will like this tool as well. The great thing about Smart Recruiters is that it not only comes with pre-integrated assessment tools but it will also help you to communicate way better. When it comes to pricing it is free when you have up to 10 hires. If you have more than 10 hires than you can easily upgrade.

To sum it up, recruiting is evolving and there will be more and more tools available in the future. By choosing the most suitable one, your company will benefit for sure very soon, so choose it wisely.