Technical Test – Make the Process of Hiring Web Developers Easy in 2024

Even though it is considered to be a magical device because it holds the ability almost to do everything, solve every problem, the machine, in this case, the computer is not quite so. There are present multiple programs and software that actually work their way in satisfying the user by carrying out the necessary task with a minimum of the load. If a user wants good results, it is essential for him or her to learn the process of how it is executed. In general, several languages can work for the user to arrive at the desired result just like java, which happens to be one of such famous languages used in this field.

To be sure about the skills of a candidate who claim expertise in the technical side, it is necessary to carry him through the technical test which can display the true picture of one’s technical knowledge and expertise.

Online technical Test

The full potential of the candidate and the true skill set of these candidates can be impeccably judged with the help of the Online Test. The exam has twenty questions written and rechecked by a panel of professional developers. It covers the areas of a broad array of JavaScript language and paints a perfect picture of the contender’s programming prowess, letting you find out the highest potential developers in the easiest way possible. With the online means of a test, spotting the better participant to interview has become very simple and easy. One such test is available on

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Execute the test

The technical test was developed to serve as the best mean to have the right candidates. In addition to that, it gives the web developers an easy opportunity to have the best manpower that can help the organization to meet the standards and offer the best services to the client in the field. Hence a simple test can help one get the best professional from the market.

Script server-side code

Using a cross-forum runtime engine such as Node, the developers of web design can create or script the server-side code within the JavaScript. It also places the JavaScript code efficaciously via JavaScript of the Google V8 engine. The Node JS provided incorporated libraries further allows the programmers to run the web applications smoothly with no absolute requirement of any kind of dependence on exterior web servers. Hence, the web developers should be making proper utilization of Node.

Create a simple yet effective system

This test is designed in a way that can help HR to check the profile and find the best applicants in a few minutes also. Hence getting the right candidate has been facilitated by this test. Due to its effective utility, only it has been much popular among the users and team of HR in different organizations. The sections and complex problems asked in the test can be cleared by the candidates who truly possess the knowledge of the field with practical experience.

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Some of the important aspects of the test:

MEAN Stack

There are many technical aspects of the test that can be checked with the help of this test. Any further development of modern web can be made by the web developers by utilization of the four components pertaining to Mean stack – Angular JS, Express JS, Mango DB and Node JS Mango DB in a modern plus schema-less No SQL database, as Angular JS is a popular JavaScript framework powered by Google. The four components of Mean stack allow the web developers to script both the ends – the backend and frontend associated with a website within the JavaScript.

Responsive Web Design

Most of the web developers of today work on responsive designing of the web to make a website accessible and look better in all the browsers, in various browsers, and devices. The more responsive the design is, the easier it is for the web design developers to create an optimization of a website which supports working on both mobile devices and computers sharing the similar one codebase. In order to achieve that the developers are required to blend HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript so as to enhance the response rate of the web pages.

Plenty of trans-pliers

The JavaScript is actually a programming language which has always leaned towards a lighter in a weight programming language side. It does not offer strong features such as C# and Java as in the modern programming language. However, the use of JavaScript is made easier by the web developers by involving the usage of trans-pliers such as Duke Script, Type-Script, Coffee Script, and Vaadin. Each of the trans-plier helps the developers to suffice the requirements of large enterprise application providing the workflow intricate.

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Changing libraries and framework

The web developers utilize a lot many of the frameworks and libraries in order to proficiently expand the functionality of the JavaScript. The JavaScript libraries which contain the complete features like that of Ember and Angular JS allow the web developers of JavaScript to add functionality to the intricate web applications without the need of including any amount of extra scripting code. On the other hand, those JavaScript libraries which are comparatively light in weight like those of React JS work in a simple way in order to let the programmers just to finish the particular tasks assigned to them. The JavaScript web developers may as well use open source tools like NPM to work on and handle the whole of the effectively used JavaScript libraries.

Constantly Evolving

As previously mentioned, this field does not have many of the various advanced features that Modern Programming languages are able to serve, such as the option for file reading or script and the choice of multithreading capacity. Nevertheless, this programming language always grows incessantly to match up with the evolving trends that are upcoming within the field of web application development. For example, ECMA Script 6, the recent type of JavaScript creates simple development of modern web application by providing some novel classes, generators, module loaders, symbols, modules, along with reflecting Application Programming Interface and Unicode support.