6 Useful Video Editing Tools for Beginners – 2024 Guide

Video editing is among the most wanted and sought-after skills in the modern tech world. If you are able to make quality videos and edit them masterfully, many doors will open for you and you will get a chance to work with incredible people and businesses. You could even become a YouTube content creator or someone who is going to edit other people’s videos on a regular basis. To do this however, you will need the right help. This is particularly true for the newbies out there. In order to help them, following is a list of the top most useful video editing software for the newcomers. To start things off right, a beginner video editor also has to have a quality video converter, and DVDFab software is among the best choices available.

1. Shotcut

The first video editing tool on our list is a great free option that runs on all systems, including Windows, Linux, and iOS. It is relatively easy and straightforward to use, as you simply have to the different video and audio segments on the timeline, and then choose the captions and effects you want to have in the final product. There is also a video converter option included. Although the program was originally only available for Linux systems, Mac and PC users got it after a couple of years. Because of this, the interface may seem strange to you until you get used to it.

However, the menu is customizable, which is always a welcome edition. There are many filters and editing options available, and it is easy to navigate through the various editing stages. Since many editors do it, multiple monitors are supported and the configuration is great. The only downside is the inability to preview the filters you choose.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

It is a well-known fact that Adobe is the king of editing tools, and their Premiere Pro CC is one of the most popular tools. The app is mainly used for modifying videos, adjusting the colors, and processing audio files. Practically any type of multimedia content can be processed in their original format, both on your PC and Macs, as well as on Android and Apple mobile devices.

Windows, iOS, and macOS, all support the software equally well, and there is an option to only subscribe to this program without any other Adobe packages or offers. There are also top-tier options available, including 4K and 360-degree VR support, making this a great pro tool too. A plethora of features, plugins, and options are offered, and the interface is convenient and easy to follow. Exporting projects is seamless and you can do it with all formats. If we were to point out some negatives, it would definitely be the cost and the fact titles are a bit tricky to add and edit.

3. Apple iMovie

In case you are a true fan of Apple who only uses their selection of products, Apple iMovie is the obvious and best choice you can make. Like all of their devices and services, this one is all about combining simplicity with elegance. This software is by far one of the most popular and common video editing tools for all generations of iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

There is a selection of eight themes that come with music, titles, and transitions, ten video filters made by the brand, and tons of other effects, both the usual and some special ones. Soundtrack creation is also possible, while the absolute fan-favorite feature is the green screen that allows the creation of all sorts of backgrounds. 4K is supported, but 360 VR and motion tracking are not. Thanks to such a rich selection of features and tools and a user-friendly interface, Apple iMovie is great for beginners.

4. Lightworks

The fourth entry on this exciting list of video editing tools is Lightworks, a free software supported by Windows, Linux, and macOS. For all those among you who think of yourselves as editors, sound engineers, vloggers and bloggers, or camera operators, this program will benefit your everyday work greatly. Most users utilize its features equally for advertising and personal purposes, things like home video archives and social media platforms.

For those small, low-, or no-budget projects, this is perhaps the best option. Importing and rendering footage on the background works great, and so do the dragging features and custom shortcuts on the keyboard. In case you need 3D processing, it is there. The tool offers multichannel support, while the main timeline can be edited and cropped at any time. One bad side of this video editing program is that some editing and management systems are hard to understand.

5. Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X is another Apple-device-only tool developed by the famous tech giant. As such, it is has a very similar interface to the iMovie tool mentioned earlier. The selection of features and effects is also quite similar, and allows to play with video and audio material, transitions, titles, and much more. IN case you frequently upload online, there are shortcuts for Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo social platforms. An extensive range of output formats is there too.

The thing that will turn away most potential users is the astronomical price of $300, and this is its only drawback. However, although it seems very high, once you purchase it you will not need any other video editing tool, even when you no longer consider yourself a beginner. Thanks to its flexibility with formats, scaling, previews, libraries, and high resolution outputs, it is a worthy investment that will serve you for years.

6. HitFilm Express

Last but certainly not the least is another free tool designed for the editors who need all the right features to further expand their knowledge and understanding of video editing. There are plenty of useful features that come with this program, including templates. Editing seems effortless with it, and the finished projects are exported in high quality and resolution. HitFilm Express works well on Windows and Mac computers.

Trimming your clips, adjusting the colors, and exporting the final footage in any format are all there, although the latter could be faster. Furthermore, custom video masks, green screen, 360-degree VR, 4K, and 3D features are also present and ready for you to try them out.

Another app worth mentioning is the Ontiva converter. This online convert comes in handy when you need to transfer your video to another format or to download a youtube video.

Good luck with your video projects!