Beginners Guide To Starting Your Own Youtube Channel In 2024

YouTube is truly an endless treasure trove – you simply can’t stop watching videos on this website.

You start with one and suddenly realize you are watching a video of kittens purring without realizing when you clicked on it.

With more than a million individual users and videos in 2024, YouTube has come a long way from its very first uploaded in 2005.

An average user spends a minimum of 40 minutes during a single viewing session. Smartphones have made it easier to not only watch videos but actively participate in YouTube by making those yourself.

Can You Establish a Business Out of YouTube Videos?


Now that you have decided to take the plunge and decided to post videos on YouTube – another question plagues you – can you earn through YouTube videos? Yes, you can, although you will not see any growth immediately.

Your goal with starting a YouTube channel is to quit your regular nine to five job and start a business for yourself. But you fear if this is the right path for you.

You are wondering how to make money online. Do not get discouraged. It will take some time to get yourself established, and start earning money from your videos. Besides, you don’t need much if any investment to start a YouTube channel and post videos.

Tips for Starting Your YouTube Channel in 2024

1. Consistency in Your Posting Schedule


The essential part of your YouTube Channel will be your content – in this case – your videos. It would be best if you try to maintain a content calendar that gives a broad outline to structure your posting timeline.  Post them according to your schedule and be consistent.

For example, a day to shoot the videos, a couple of days to edit it, and a day to post it. Try to get at least one per week. When you are just starting, you need a good number of videos to build up your channel. Having a solid niche with similar videos improves your chances of getting noticed by the YouTube algorithm.

2. Don’t Use Too Much Introduction

When creating your video, don’t waste time making elaborate introductions. If you spend too much time introducing yourself, the viewers will lose interest and skip to another video. You can use intro makers by using the YouTube intro templates to make an attractive introduction.

You need to grab your viewers’ attention within the first five to ten seconds. If your video is solving a particular question for the audience, include the end result or answer first and then loop back from the start of the process.

3. You Don’t Need Fancy Equipment


When you are just starting with YouTube, you don’t necessarily have the money to buy professional equipment. You don’t need to worry – you can produce quality videos using the plethora of tools available out there.

You can use the many free software available online to edit and polish your videos before uploading them to YouTube.

4. Be Active On Social Media

It’s not enough to just upload your videos. You need to generate interest and awareness among the audience regarding the content.

Use multiple social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to let your followers know about your videos. Nowadays, all social media is linked. Posting an update to one updates the other sites also.

5. Take Inspiration From Others in Your Niche


You might not be the first person in your niche to upload videos. There could be more established YouTubes who have tons of subscribers who churn out content regularly.

Watch videos that are similar to your niche and get inspired. Choose the same topic and give your point of view or make a video with a contrasting opinion. You can even link the original YouTuber and let them know about your new video. However, be mindful that you don’t get accused of plagiarism.

6. Form a Connection With Your Audience

The best way to encourage your viewers and subscribers to share and promote your videos is by interacting with them directly. You can do this by doing regular live video sessions.

Doing lives allows your audience the chance to see the real you as compared to a recorded version. It also provides you with an opportunity to note down what your subscribers want to see next in your videos.

7. Collaborate With Established YouTubers


Once you have enough videos on your channel, you can message the more established YouTubers in your particular niche and ask them for a collaboration.

The collaboration can take the form of an interview or a reaction to your videos, or even a joint discussion on any current event. This gives yours  an exposure to a new audience and a chance to get new subscribers.

8. Don’t Focus On Comments

Your mindset is what is going to take you ahead in your dreams of making money online through YouTube. Once your videos are up on the site, you are going to receive feedback from your viewers. The feedback could range from encouraging, good comments to negative, bad ones.

Don’t take the criticism to heart. Take the suggestions and try to improve on your content. You will soon have such an abundance of positivity that you will not even notice the viewers’ discouraging comments.

9. Use a Catchy And Descriptive Title


The very first thing you need to capture your audiences’ attention is your title. If your title is not catchy, nobody is going to click on it.

Use the search engine to see what viewers are looking for in your niche. And then create an appropriate title that is attractive and provides adequate information on the premise of your video. You can use VideoCreek to add these titles to your piece.

10. Don’t Forget About SEO

SEO is the holy grail for any content creator. To get your videos the maximum attention from the audience, you need to regularly audit your videos to assess it for SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be applied not only on the title but also on the description and tags for all videos. This helps to be identified by the algorithms that run the various search engines on YouTube and in general.

Key Takeaway


With YouTube, your ultimate goal is to increase the number of subscribers for your channel and eventually monetize it.

Remember, a YouTube channel is something that, with the proper strategy, can reap you a lot of rewards going forward.