5 Best Folding Bike Brand 2024

Just a few years no one even had an idea what it meant to have a folding bike. The reason why it wasn’t popular at all is that there weren’t a lot of brands that manufactured such models. But, today, you can see them anywhere you go. Even if you haven’t noticed, you probably have seen one, but didn’t realize it was one because they look exactly the same as a regular bike.

However, even though it is great that this type of bicycle became so popular, the market became oversaturated with thousands of different brands which means it is quite hard to differentiate from legit and quality bicycles from ones that are made from cheap materials. This means you will have to go through a certain researching period to find out which brand will fulfill all of your needs and requirements regarding this transportation device. Luckily for you, instead of having to visit various brick-and-mortar stores just to try them out, we have already gone through that same process to help you choose easily.

Should you buy one?

Image source: lewisohn.co.uk

Before we get into detail about the different manufacturers and their models, you will first need to ask yourself why you need one.

A lot of people have the wrong image of this type of bicycle because they believe it comes with a heftier price, that it is heavier and that its performance is not comparable with regular ones. Even if this was true a few years ago (even though we believe it wasn’t true even then), once you consider how many improvements have been made to foldable bikes, this logic is no longer valid. Both the manufacturing process and the quality of the materials used have been considerably improved.

An average bike weighs anywhere between 22 and 29 pounds while you can easily find foldable ones that are weighted way below 30 pounds or sometimes even below 20 pounds. So, the people that believe that they are not as versatile are very wrong. Just imagine, you can have a bicycle that not only is lighter than the one you already have, but you can also fold it in half and put it anywhere you want.

If you are the type of person that constantly travels from one city to another or going on a long business trip across the country then a foldable bicycle is definitely for you. Just put it in your back seat in your trunk (yes, it can fit in any trunk of a car) and start your trip.

If you live too far away from your office, riding with a bicycle the entire trip to work can be an exhausting feat. However, with this type of bicycle, you can just get on a bus and then ride out the rest of your trip. Once you reach your destination, you can just fold it up and carry it into your office and put it right there next to your desk. Naturally, no one will mind because it is so small when it’s folded. Once your shift ends, you can do the same thing back, it’s that simple.

So, if you want to live a healthier life with a smaller carbon footprint than everyone else this is definitely for you.

Best Folding Bike Brands

Now that we have gone through the reason why you should buy one, now it is time to focus on certain models to help you decide which one you should buy.

M6L Black Edition

Image source: condorcycles.com

Brompton is one of the more popular companies when it comes to this type of bicycles and its manufacturing process is done in the United Kingdom, London (if that is important to you.)

When buying from this company you will be offered to pick from several different drivetrains, colors and you can even pick the shape of your handlebar which is always a great plus for us. We believe the black edition of the M6L deserves to be on this list because of its u-shaped handlebar and its six-speed drivetrain. It folds into a much smaller shape than the other ones we have seen and it is quite customizable. So if you prefer to create your own bicycle, consider the M6L.

Cyrusher XF770

Image source: mecosy.com

Why not combine both the ability to fold with an electric motor? The combination of these things makes for an awesome bicycle that can satisfy all of your needs. When fully charged it can last for more than 6 years and its top speed is around 20 mph.

It comes with an LCD display to show all of the information you need such as speed, battery status and distance traveled. If you are interested more about electric folding bikes, check out FoldingBikeGuru.

Dahon Vybe C7A

While the new line of the folding bicycles wasn’t as popular when it was released by this company in 2014, a few years later one of the line’s models became the most popular in the United States. It’s weighted just about 25 pounds, it has a seven-speed drivetrain and it folds ups into quite a small shape.

It is also quite comfortable to ride on and it is also very sturdy even though it is so light.

Tern BYB S11

The BYB S11 is a great option for people who want to have a smoother and more comfortable riding experience while moving around a city. With these 20-inch wheels, you won’t feel those pesky potholes around the city streets as bad as your regular 16-inch wheeled bicycle.

You might be thinking that with such big wheels, it must be huge in size when folding it. Believe it or not, but the BYB S11 actually folds three times, which makes it almost small as any other model.

It is also important to note that the quality of the materials feels very premium which means that you won’t be disappointed with its durability.


Electrically assisted cargo bicycle which is also foldable. Sounds impossible, right? Well, Rad Power made it possible with its RadMini model. It is definitely not as compact as some other models, but its wide tires will make you feel like you can climb any terrain.