5 Best Plastic PC Cases in 2024

Although it might seem that there are so many more significant parts to worry about when you start setting up your computer system and hardware, it might surprise you how crucial a PC case can be for the overall wellbeing of your machine. Why? So many reasons. First of all, protecting the hardware and interior components from the dust which can certainly shorten its life span and worsen its performance. And not only from this, but also from any exterior damages, given that some parts of the system can be rather fragile.

Besides that, if we take care of this and use a proper computer cabinet, we’re reducing the heat that might emerge and prevent any kind of bad functioning that could happen as a consequence. And last, but not least, we have the aesthetic moment, where it’s rather desirable to keep the inner parts hidden and make the machine pleasing to the eye.  As technology and many aspects of the design domain progress more and more each day, it is now possible to find different types of these components, at different prices and made of different materials – and plastic among them.

This type of computer cabinets could look like a second choice or option, but they also have their benefits and reasons why they’re more convenient than cabinets made of other materials. The fact to start with – it’s much lighter and less demanding for maintenance than metal or other varieties. Also, it’s easier to apply some truly cool designs on this type, it’s more affordable and they can easily be made with the help of specialist companies by injection molding technique, which you can find out more about if you click here.

Making a molded cabinet definitely enhances the overall performance of the PC, which is why it’s definitely okay to consider this option as well if this material sounds fine to you. There’s a small number of cabinets that are entirely made of plastic, however, many great chassis have parts made of this material and that’s completely fine.

And now, let us introduce some of the best options in the market.

1. Cooler Master Cosmos C700P

Img source: comtradeshop.com

This one represents one of the best options available for purchasing. Although its price might be seen as a bit challenging by some people, we could definitely say that it’s worth every single penny. The number one quality would be its adaptability and practicality, as there’s a possibility to remove some of the parts, for example, the hinge doors, in case you want so, and it provides enough space for many components to fit inside.

It’s quite heavy, so better get some help if you want to go and get it, as otherwise you’ll be carrying more than 22kg. According to some reviews that could be found on Amazon and similar websites where you can purchase this gold, it’s stated that the RGB lights seem to be quite unobtrusive and mild, and not too strong and distracting as well. This might be a huge investment for a single component, however, we believe you won’t regret it.

2. Alice (InWin)

Img source: in-win.com

And there we have probably the most creative plastic computer cabinet ever made. Not only does it contain ABS plastic, but its design also includes – fabric! Yes, you read it right. Although the metal cases generally seem to be more durable than plastic, this product proves that it can cause a very, very similar effect with its own features. It consists of four fans, on the top and the bottom of the case and it’s provided with some great airflows, unlike some other, “closed” versions.

What seems to be the coolest thing about this chassis is that you can feel free to choose between so many various and compelling patterns, colors and schemes – so it’s definitely made for people who don’t feel like purchasing the ordinary old, good simple cabinet.

3. Corsair Carbide 275R

Img source: dynaquestpc.com

The acrylic version of this solid machine case is even more affordable than the glass one – it’s possible to find it for the price between $60 and $100. So, if you were searching for an inexpensive, but effective thing – there’s something for you. And also if the visibility of the components inside the housing is of great importance to you. In addition to its attractive physical appearance and solid frontal light, it also contains plenty of fans, good dust filters and cooling devices which improve its effect even more. With these and many more advantages, this model has shown that it’s far above its ancestor, Corsair Carbide 270R.

4. DeepCool Smarter Micro-ATX

Img source: licotronic.com

Made of the mixture of steel and plastic, but also being characterized by small dimensions (420 x 201 x 365mm), this chassis seems to be a great resolution for people who don’t want to spend much money on big cases if they don’t need them. It’s most convenient for gamers or simply people who have only a few components to fit in and don’t have some specific requirements. Having in mind that it possesses a couple of quality fans (with dimensions of 80mm and 90 mm) and also a dust filter, you can feel safe when it comes to the effect that this product provides related to the crucial case functions. And, although it has a small space inside, it allows video cards of amazing quality.

5. Antec P5 Ultimate Silent Micro-ATX

Img source: gigaparts.com

As the last point we’ve left a special treat. Thanks to the foam made of a special kind of sound-absorbing bitumen, this case will give your ears a rest. And having in mind its inexpensive character, we get the impression of a true gem for this amount of money. Just like the previous chassis, it’s quite small (as its name says) – 475 x 195 x 395mm, which is why it will fit perfectly well under or on your desk.

And, again, according to verified reviews on selling platforms, it seems that the plastic from which a part of this case is made is of even better quality than metal parts, as they seem rather thin, which gives some hopes for the future plastic-related products from their side. There are also two in-built fans and a lot of space for new expansions.