5 Devices you Can Use to Help you Write your Resume – 2024 Guide

When it comes to writing your resume, there are many different things that you need to know. For example, how to write it and what skills to include, how to make it look attractive and appealing to your employer, which font or formatting type to use etc.

All of these aspects are very important when scoring a certain job position is very important to you, so you’ll have to give your best effort in order to make them right. With enough practicing, writing a resume will become pretty easy, but be wary that it will take a few badly written ones in order to learn what’s good and what’s not.

Today we’re not really talking about how to write resumes or have someone write it for you, but rather what devices you can use that can help you write one yourself. Sometimes a job opportunity comes up in a much unexpected period, and you might be on the road or on a vacation when it happens, leaving you wondering what you can do about it. Let’s take a look.

The Computer

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If you are supposed to write a resume from your own home, using your computer is the most efficient way. Usually, at home we have powerful PC’s that run fast enough and allow us to be time-efficient in terms of researching and writing. However, just like we mentioned earlier, sometimes we’ll have to write a resume somewhere far away from home, especially when the situation is urgent, so let’s take a look at some other devices as well.

A Lap-Top

It might be not as fast and powerful as the desktop computer that you have at home, but it can still do the job if you’re willing to put in the effort. A laptop is a real life-saver whenever you’re on the road but need to get some work done, so make sure that you bring it with you whenever you go far from home. Writing a resume on a laptop might not be as quick as doing it on a computer, so have this in mind when it comes to deadlines. Feel free to visit CNCB if you’re eager to learn more.

A Tablet

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Tablets are pretty common nowadays, and they’re basically the larger versions of our smartphones which allow us to see better because of the bigger displays, and in some cases perform better due to their stronger specifications. Writing a resume on a tablet will be much slower than using your computer, but there’s a very effective method that you can use, which is connecting a keyboard to your tablet and only using it as a screen while writing on the keyboard.

A smartphone

Just like tablets, except a little bit smaller and probably slower, smartphones are devices that we tend to take everywhere we go with us. Writing a professional resume on a smartphone is very hard to do, but still possible if you are willing to spend hours on it. The keyboard method can still be used, although your options will be pretty limited, if you have no other options, that’s the way to go. Just make sure to plug your phone into the charger and not overheat it.

A portable desktop computer

Portable desktop computers are pretty common nowadays, and they’re basically very small computer cases that contain all the regular parts that a normal desktop PC has. A regular-sized dedicated GPU, a powerful CPU and all the slots required to connect a TV or any other type of a screen. Most hotels or villas already have TV’s, so simply bringing your portable desktop PC will probably be enough. Use their TV as your screen and write your resume with lightning-fast speed.