Tech that Can Help you Become Better Plumber – 2024 Guide

Although we can still rely on plumbing services to provide standard options, such as fixing leaking pipes, cleaning clogged drains and repairing the toilet, many progressive plumbing contractors are diversifying to meet consumer expectations and needs. As technology becomes more sophisticated, plumbers who want to keep up with the times are improving their services through the use of advanced techniques and equipment.

For example, if someone wants to find a plumbing service that offers video pipe inspection, a quick search on the Internet will take them to the professional they are looking for. If they’re thinking about installing a decent hot water system in their home, these emergency plumbers could do it in the blink of an eye.

Twenty years ago, it would have been much more difficult, if not impossible, to find plumbing companies that used devices such as sewer chambers. But today, high-tech tools offer faster diagnosis, less invasive service, and better results.

In addition to everything we expect, there are plumbing contractors who are adding new technologies and methodologies which allow them to expand their service range in order to offer greater value to their customers. There are many factors that should be considered when choosing a reliable plumber, but those who are well versed in the latest techniques and trends can often provide superior service to those who simply know the basics. If you’re one of them or at least you would like to be, these techniques could enrich your knowledge and offer your customers a way better service.

Greywater systems

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Greywater is a resource that, once recycled, can replace water for human consumption in some common uses such as recharge of WC tanks, garden irrigation, cleaning of pavements, etc. in constructions such as homes, hotels, sports centers, industrial buildings and other.

There are different technologies for gray water recycling: physical-chemical treatments (coagulation-flocculation, filtration …), biological treatments (active sludge method, SBR …) or a combination of two treatments. Generally, these treatments are completed with filters and disinfection systems and all of them need to ensure the quality of the recycled water at the points of use. For the design of the treatment, the capacity of sewage collection must be determined, as well as the need for recycled water. The limiting factors should also be taken into account.

Using this water for some other purposes, for example, flushing toilets or any other similar thing contributes to water saving. You should bear in mind that only a plumber with specific knowledge about this process is able to install a system like this. This is why you can consider learning about the installation process so that you have the opportunity to stand out among other plumbers and attract the attention of some new customers.

Tankless water heaters

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It is evident that today, most people have heard of this technological innovation that has been around for some time and is becoming extremely popular –  the standard storage-tank water heater is often considered outdated technology. Plumbers have been introduced with tankless water heaters, also known as flash water heaters, which offer more hot water with fewer carbon emissions) They are considered instantaneous or on-demand water heaters that only heat up when you need it at 89% efficiency without a pilot light.

With such technological advances that happen almost faster than we can imagine, there are more alternatives, such as high-efficiency units that extract smoke from the burner and, instead of venting it through the top of the heater, return it to the inside of the tank to that water can absorb heat. Some of their advantages are efficiency since one doesn’t have to pay to constantly keep a tank full of hot water, a longer use, space-saving, and longer warranties. If you qualify yourself to perform this type of installation properly and efficiently, success is guaranteed as this feature becomes more and more popular and sought after.

Remote video cameras

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Did you know that nowadays plumbing technicians can inspect sewer lines with remote video cameras to determine with confidence if an obstruction is your responsibility? Yes, that’s right – and this type of use of technology would highly benefit both you and your customers.

Tracking the exact location of the damage or blockage can mean money, time and property damage saved at the end of the process. A modern tool that many root and drain services will use is a video camera capable of inspecting the pipes from the inside and transmitting the image to the camera operator.

The video inspection of plumbing, pipes, and drains allows the homeowner and the plumber to know exactly what tools are needed to be brought to solve the problem. The accumulation of minerals from hard water, grease or oil that accumulates around the kitchen and bathroom drains, trap obstructions, damage to pipes and fittings or intrusion or other obstruction caused by tree roots will have different options available to fix the problem.

Trenchless repair techniques

The revolutionary new method, better known as the CIPP method (a cured-in-place pipe), denies the need to dig up vast amounts of land and cause the disruption of a house or workplace. It’s also cost-effective, environmentally friendly and will provide you with cleaner water and increase the life expectancy of your system for up to 50 years. It may seem too good to be true, but it is not.

The procedure is new and revolutionary and is only done by the most trained plumbing technicians, so make sure to learn more about this and include this in the range of the services you offer to your existing or potential customers. As an alternative in the rehabilitation of deteriorated sewerage networks, CIPP has become the preferred method of trenchless renovation to address these structural and operational problems. It’s all due to its low-cost, technically sophisticated installation benefits, respectful of the environment and society.

The examples above are just some of the technological advances that are occurring in the plumbing industry. While looking for quality work at reasonable costs, remember to also look for a plumbing company with imaginative thinkers that go beyond conventional materials, equipment and training. These are the people who can offer highly effective and innovative solutions to a myriad of problems.