Top Online Store Payment Methods for Ecommerce Stores – 2024 Guide

Today, online stores need to consider many factors for successful operation of their business. Right from offering the best quality products, pricing they need to ensure a safe and secure payment mechanism for their customers. Customers trust online brands that offer them shopping convenience and offer them different payment options for purchasing products. For a safe shopping experience, it is imperative that ecommerce stores install SSL certificates for their website to build trust and confidence among their customers and build credibility for their brand.

Why multiple payment options matter?


According to Payment Methods reports, 86% of the customers use credit cards or debit cards to make online purchases and above 60% of the people prefer this mode of payment. In this competitive environment, online businesses need to be flexible in accepting different modes of payment from their customers. However, they need to ensure that these online payment methods provide an intuitive and secure experience to their visitors. This is where online payment gateways come into play by making the checkout process faster and smooth for the customers.

In addition, they provide secure encryption for keeping your customers’ information secure and help in processing financial transactions in a safe manner. There is a growing preference among customers for multiple modes of payment and ecommerce owners have started offering payment methods using PayPal. ApplePay and Square etc.

Ecommerce sites can increase the level of protection by installing SSL certificates to provide secure encryption between the browser and server to prevent increasing threats of cyber-attacks. Nowadays, many SSL providers like ClickSSL offer with many exciting features.

What are the different payment methods available for ecommerce sites?


Ecommerce companies need to consider payment options that meets their business requirements and is scalable and efficient for their customers. The payment methods must enable online shoppers to make quick and easy transactions using different currencies and must be widely accepted across the globe.

Here are a few examples of effective online payment systems suitable for ecommerce stores:

  • Credit cards

Credit cards are most convenient to use and preferred mode of payment by most shoppers online. Hence, ecommerce companies must be able to accept this mode of payment and use this opportunity to boost their brand and increase their website conversion rates. Credit cards also ensure automatic payment collection and tracking facilities which saves time compared to manual processing. Ecommerce companies will be able to accept payments by becoming authorized credit card merchants and choose to work with third party processors.

  • Debit cards


Debit cards are one of the most preferred methods of payment for online shoppers on ecommerce websites. The Financial Software and Systems reported over 589 million debit card transactions on their gatewaying 2018. In fact, debit card transactions are considered to be more secure as online companies need to ensure that customers have sufficient funds while making purchases.

  • PayPal

PayPal is one of the popular methods of online payment system which is widely accepted across the world. This is mainly due to its quick and efficient checkout process which makes it user friendly to use for online shoppers. With over 17 million businesses using this service, this remains one of the preferred methods of payment used by customers.

  • GooglePay


Google offers a convenient online payment option, GooglePay for its millions of users who already have their card information linked to their Google accounts. They provide desktop and mobile options as well for enabling customers to make financial transactions. Ecommerce retailers can provide loyalty programs, deals and digital gift cards for the benefit of their customers and works with Visa Checkout and PayPal option as well.

  • Stripe

Stripe is a versatile payment processing service that offers a wide range of features while accepting payments via credit cards, digital wallets, multiple currencies and ACH transfers. They offer a wide range of options for checkout process to online shoppers and makes it easy for people with limited coding skills to include embedded checkout to the site using JavaScript code. In addition, it helps to set up recurring payments and also accept online payment as well as in person for physical stores.

  • Square


Square offers POS processing of payments but in addition it also provides online payment option as well to customers. Their online API accepts different payment methods ranging from ApplePay, GooglePay along with other credit cards. They have a quick and easy checkout system enabling customers to create profiles while providing their payment related information.

  • ApplePay

ApplePay provides a safe and secure platform for making payments relying on Apple devices. Almost 64% of the customers in the US rely on ApplePay as it works as a one click payment option and allows for touch identification using mobile devices. It uses tokenization to keep personal information safe and secure from hackers.

  • Amazon Pay


Amazon is one of the most widely used sites across the entire web and most of the customers will have an account on this platform. Ecommerce retailers can add Amazon Pay to their store while enabling Amazon customers to shop without the need for sharing their payment data during the checkout process.

  • Visa Checkout

Visa Checkout is extremely useful for Visa Cardholders to check out on ecommerce sites without the need for filling any payment information. With already over 2 million customers registered with Visa Checkout, it makes the checkout process for such online shoppers even more convenient and hassle free.

  • MasterPass


MasterPass payment is quite similar to Visa and American Express, where the cardholders can easily check out from the ecommerce website. They offer advanced security in payment processing ranging from user verification, tokenization, monitoring frauds etc.

  • American Express

American Express provides excellent fraud protection and renowned for its exceptional customer service. They accept over 120 currencies, 24/7 customer support and provide flexibility to use multiple payment processors.


There are different online payment options that may be provides to your customers. However, the more options they get from your store, the greater chances of increasing their loyalty towards your brands and boost your sales volume.