10 Tips to Save at Aldi Stores – 2024 Guide

Some people overlook Aldi as their potential grocery provider. This is because the stores do not accept manufacturer coupons. However, it does not mean you cannot shop there cheaply. Discover ten fantastic ways to save on essentials.

Every week, Aldi has new discounts and special offers. Check Aldi’s weekly ad preview on www.rabato.com and see for yourself! The chain is famous for its high quality and low pricing. You will find attractive discounts on fresh produce, as well as organic and gluten-free options. Here is how to pay less.

1. Check Aldi Circulars

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There are two kinds of flyers. The first circular features weekly ads; the second one is devoted to Aldi Finds. Weekly offers are renewed every Sunday. These circulars have something for everyone. You can find discounts on meat, spinach, or avocados.

Aldi Finds are special, limited-time offers. This circular says “Aldi Insider” on it. The products are also extremely varied, and they all come at a very low price. From desk chairs to unconventional cheeses, there is always something eye-catching.

Customers can always find a copy of the current circular. The chain also releases previews. Look for Aldi Insider at the entrance or exit. All offers are also accessible online.

2. Buy Pastry at a Discount

The stores slash 50% off bakery items two days before their expiry date. Generally, prices begin to fall five days before the items expire. Hence, you can buy bread and pastry for much less.

3. Use SmartPhone Apps to Earn Cash Back

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Aldi customers can benefit from installing shopping apps. These will essentially deliver free money! Here is how they work.

Fetch App is one of the most accessible programs ever. Scan your receipts in the app. The bonus points may be turned into gift cards for Walmart, Amazon, and other popular retailers!

Another great example is Receipt Hog. Upload a receipt and get up to 20 coins in return. Exchange 500 coins for a $5 gift card at Amazon or several other stores. You can also earn those bonus coins for signing up, using a code, etc.

4. Bring Your Own Bags

Customers have to use their own bags. On the one hand, the cashier spends less time serving each visitor. On the other hand, the store does not pay for bags. So, how can a customer reduce their packaging expenses?

The first option is to buy reusable Aldi plastic bags. These cost $0.10 per item. Keep these bags in your car, so they are always on hand. Secondly, if you notice an empty box in store (or take the last item out of it), you can use it for your groceries.

5. Store Brands vs. Name Brands

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Did you know that items sold under the Aldi store brand are actually name-brand items in disguise? For instance, consider the “Reggano” cheese brand. Interestingly, it is the same weight as Parmesan Cheese. Moreover, the list of ingredients is also identical (their order is the only difference). Finally, both brands of parmesan are produced in Italy.

6. Check Aldi Finds

Unless you read the circular, you never know what you are going to find here. These products are all super-cheap, and they may range from ovens to candies. Some days, there are chainsaws. Others, you see grilling equipment.

Aldi Finds aisles have seasonal deals, original products, and exciting twists on existing items. The only thing these items have in common is the unbelievable price. Remember that Aldi Finds are fleeting offers. Therefore, something you find today may be gone tomorrow.

Here is an important word of caution. While Aldi Finds may look irresistible, do not buy what you do not need. Deep discounts are bound to attract your attention. All too often, random purchases result in unnecessary expenses. Thus, check the circular to plan, which ‘finds’ you should definitely get.

7. Double-Back Guarantee

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Not only does the chain accept returns. It will also give you another item and give your money back! The double-back guarantee is also known as the ‘Twice As Nice’ guarantee. It means items may be returned if you do not like them, and the store provides a replacement and a refund!

The scheme has special rules. A customer needs to bring the package, the receipt, and any unused portion of the product. Their local Aldi store will issue a refund and replacement. This unique offer applies to everything except for national brands, non-food “Special Buy” items, alcohol, and issues unrelated to quality.

8. Clearance Items

This is a special category of discounts not featured in the circulars. Your Aldi store may have clearance deals worth snatching. This usually applies to seasonal goods, such as travel cups or patio lights. Look for clearance stickers on the shelves, and in special bargain bins near the checkout.

9. Make a List

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Having a list will prevent impulsive purchases. At Aldi, you can always find essentials at great prices. However, it is tempting to grab a few unplanned bargains along the way. This is especially important when you have time to explore the store in depth.

10. Your First Grocery Delivery

Aldi offers one free delivery. Hence, your first delivery or pickup via Instacart will not cost anything. In addition, Instacart users who spend over $35 can get $10 off.

Sadly, this is where the benefits end. Subsequent deliveries cost $5.99 each. Alternatively, you can pay $95 for an annual subscription. If you want to avoid extra expenses, shop in-store.

Final Tip: Extra Barcodes Save Time

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Aldi does not only help you save money. It also allows customers to save time. Look closely at any Aldi item. You will notice that there are several barcodes. This is because a cashier needs to locate the barcode to scan any product. The trick saves time at the checkout. It is also convenient for shoppers who prefer self-checkout mode. You can swipe any side of your item, as it will have a barcode on it!