6 Great Watches for People that Love Gadgets – 2024 Guide

Early gadget watches have appeared in the film and television industry long before the real-life examples of them existed. Since the 1946 comic book detective Dick Tracy communicating with the police through his “2-Way Wrist Radio” watch, to the time James Bond wore the nifty gadget in his movies, the popularity of these watches have increased. In this article, you will be able to read about the best watches for gadget lovers. Let’s take a look at the list:

1. Turn your lights on and off with the Pebble watch and Spark

Pebble, the newly released, customization smartwatch uses e-paper technology. It has a 144×168 pixel e-paper display with three-axis accelerometer and a backlight. By using Bluetooth 4.0, it is capable of communication with Android and iOS device, and it has a battery that can last a week without charging. Spark allows you to interact with your lights by using an application, hence, you can turn on or off your light, dim them, or slowly turn them on as the sun rises.

2. Sector Morse Code Watch with a Small Flashlight

Img source: thewatchsite.com

This watch is aimed at mountain climbers and trekkers and it comes with a flashlight and morse code written on the face of the watch for those who find themselves in an emergency situation. And it is quite refreshing to see something as retro as Morse code with all the communication features available today. It also features dual time, a chronograph, and calendar functions.

3. Sleep Watch by Sleeptracker

Alarm clocks can make you feel fatigued since they usually go off in when you are in the middle of a sleep phase that you cannot wake up normally from. However, the Sleeptracker watch monitors your sleep cycles and looks for the best time to wake you up, hence, you will be able to feel refreshed.

4. Databank Calculator Watch by Casio

Img source: blog.gaijinpot.com

According to the experts from www.watchshopping.com, you will not have to worry about losing the remote control again since you will always have control over this programmable watch remote. It features an infra-red learning function, hence, it can learn most remotes and can be programmed to any button. It also features an 8-digital calculator and day, date, and month calendar features.

5. Phone Watch by LG

These LG watch phones feature a touch screen that you can swipe, it supports stereo Bluetooth, hence, you can make calls, listen to music via the built-in player with a Bluetooth headset, and it comes with a decent speaker. You can also take pictures with a built-in camera, it has a voice recognition system, and you can read and text people back. Of course, it also tells the time.

6. Multimedia gadget Watch

Img source: cdn.vox-cdn.com

This gadget watch allows you to show your favorite pictures as a background of the watch or as a slide show. The photos are uploaded by USB which is also used to charge the watch and you can connect it to a PC or MAC. It comes with 128×128 resolution and has the option to display a calendar and it can store up to 120 photos.


If you are a gadget lover or if you want to get a gift for a gadget lover, these watches are a perfect combination of gadgets and watches. Hence, do not waste any more time and start searching for the watch that will fit your needs and visit sites like thewatchcompany.com where you can find all different types of watches.