5 Best Compact Printers for Home in 2024

Many people would say that they do not need any kind of printer at home. It looks to them like an unnecessary item. But, is that correct?

A compact printer is a tool which the entire family can use. There are many different reasons why each apartment should have at least one. For instance, kids can use it for school or college; parents can use it for work. It helps you to complete your duties a lot quicker.

Yet, this is not the biggest advantage of compact printers. The best possible thing about compact printers is that you can use them in absolutely every place. More precisely, there is one small condition for most of them. You need to have access to a Wi-Fi connection. However, almost every house has the Internet nowadays and that should not be a big problem.

You can find a bunch of them on the market designed by different brands and for different prices. We would like to highlight some of the most popular and affordable compact printers of this year.

Brother Pocket Jet 7 PJ723

Img source: ebay.com

Many people laugh when they read the name of this brand. However, many people over the Internet say that little “Brother” can help you a lot.

Believe it or not, the weight of this item is around 1 pound. The dimensions of this compact printer are 10.04 x 2.17 x 1.53. Some people testified that they sometimes forget about it when they put it in their bag or backpack. Still, the most important thing is that this model will not take a lot of space in your room.

The battery is an advantage and disadvantage at the same time. The funny thing is that the battery does not come together with this product. Most stores sell the battery independently. You will be able to find it for a fair price. The good thing about the battery is that you will be able to print around 600 pages for only one charge. On average, this model prints 5 pages per minute.

Dpi resolution of little Brother is 300 x 203. Still, the text that this tool produces is quite sharp and clear. Besides that, it doesn’t use the usual printing technology. Your document will have an odd smell. Yet, most people said that they actually enjoyed that smell. It didn’t bother them at all.

Finally, we need to mention one disadvantage. This model is not a good choice for you if you plan to use it in different locations. It doesn’t support Wi-Fi connection. However, using it at home will allow you to get a clear and sharp text.

HP Desk Jet 3755

Img source: amazon.com

This model is quite different from the previous one. This is not a portable printer because of its size and weight. However, it is perfect for home usage because of some amazing features.

The first advantage of this model is – affordability. The price varies from 40 to 60 dollars. Still, a cheap price does not have any influence on quality. This model has a larger paper tray than many other compact printers. Users will not have to reload the tool often as usual.

The copier and scanner work great. HP Desk Jet 3755 is a good choice if you need a printer for that purpose.

Canon Pixma iP110 Portable Printer

Img source: currys.co.uk

Let’s get back to the portable type of compact printers. It doesn’t matter if you want to use it at home or outside of your apartment. The model is good for both purposes.

Just like little “Brother”, this model is small and it won’t take a lot of your space. This time, battery and power cable comes together with the product. Users can connect this item to Wi-Fi or USB. Thanks to this feature, this compact printer supports Google Cloud Printer, AirPrint, etc.

Another good thing is that this model uses 5 different ink cartridges. That will allow you to get amazing color fidelity when printing different sorts of pictures. By the way, on average this printer prints 9 pages per minute.

Indeed, this model is not as cheap as previous ones, but it definitely is the most quality on our list.

Samsung Xpress C1810W

Img source: amazon.com

Is it possible to write a review tool article without mentioning Samsung?

The look of this model is designed as a simple square-box. However, nothing about this model is “simple”. First of all, it is heavy (around 17 kilograms) and large (264x417x423mm).

It comes with a sophisticated color laser printer that allows you to connect to NFC and Wi-Fi. More precisely, you can print documents from your Apple or Android mobile because it supports

  • Air Print
  • Samsung Mobile Print, and
  • Google Cloud Print.

The speed of this item is 18 pages per minute which makes it the fastest one on our list. This is especially good if you are in a hurry. You won’t have to wait for hours to finish printing some larger documents.

Does it have disadvantages? Of course, it has, but they are not something that should scare you. Automatic double-sided printing is not possible at this model.

Finally, we need to mention that the capacity of the black toner is around 1000 pages. However, when we talk about color toners, the capacity is around 700 pages. Still, both characteristics are great. Most of the toners with that price do not have that strong capacity.


Before buying a new compact printer, it is important to determine why exactly you want to buy it. In case you want to use it only at home, then the capability to connect to Wi-Fi is irrelevant to you. However, if your plan is to use it inside and outside of your apartment, this is a crucial feature.

Some of them are not portable, and it will be difficult to bring heavy compact printers to your office every single day. There are also portable ones like Brother Pocket Jet 7 PJ723 that is portable but without the possibility to connect through Wi-Fi to your mobile. That is the reason why you need to think twice before you buy one. This is an item that lasts for a year, and it definitely can make your work easier and effective.

Which one would you pick?