7 Basic Home Repair Tools and Devices Every Home Should Have 2024

Does your friend need help to put together new furniture? Does your wife want to change chandelier? Does your child need help with a bicycle? Don’t you worry! Of course, you have all the tools you need to get those jobs done! Or maybe not? Young people nowadays generally do not have a toolbox, these are things for their fathers. However, it is often necessary to repair a small thing, assemble some of the new furniture or start a project, in such situations people generally have to borrow. You should be independent and have at least a basic tool in the house that can help you in such situations.

Every home needs basic tools, no matter how proficient you are in handling it. However, it is good to have it in the house because even if there is a breakdown or accident, you can always call a neighbor, friend or acquaintance to help you whether you need to tighten, knock, perform a small repair on one of the devices, etc. If you know something and can do it yourself, then the tool is of great help to you.

Before you buy

We’ll give you some tips before you go to your nearest tool shop and start shopping. Do not save on quality. You can easily, especially if you are inexperienced with the tool, go to the store and buy a complete box for less than fifty dollars. Don’t do that! This cheap tool is of terrible quality and will not last more than a couple of uses before it breaks down. The worst thing is that you may get hurt on that occasion. Spend a little more money and it will serve you for years, and maybe even forever. One by one. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so it is with your toolbox. You don’t have to buy the whole set at once, buy what you need and over time you will have everything you need. Once again, quality is very important. Better to take just a few things than a whole box that will be unusable after a short period.


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A hammer is a basic tool without which there is almost no work in the house. We recommend a construction hammer weighing 300 or 400 grams, which can only be used to nail nails. It is best to opt for a model with a soft ergonomic handle.

A regular hammer has always been one of the basic home tools. Different models can serve us for nails, breaking tiles, assembling furniture, lifting doors, as a base for leveling nails and wires, etc. Check that the hammer is well connected to the handle. This is most important because if not properly connected, it can hurt you or someone else. They are better with artificial handles than wood.

Always hold the hammer by the end of the handle, as the lever and the torque of the hammer are optimal for easier and more efficient operation.

Cordless drill

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A good cordless drill is a must-have item in every toolbox. It can be useful for both drilling holes and screw-driving. When choosing a cordless drill, choose one that has enough power. Power is measured by the amount of voltage in the battery. You can take drills up to 18 volts, but with higher voltages the weight grows, so stronger drills can weigh over 5kg. 12 volts is the right power for most situations you may need. Also, check when buying it that it has several speeds as well as a screwdriver capability.

Drill press

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Another must-have thing for all those who repair their home. It is used for drilling holes, and models range from domestic to industrial. Has a motor whose speeds are adjustable. Also, engine models vary. For this reason, it is one of the more complicated DIY tools when it comes to buying. You can find a detailed guide here and easily decide on the right model you need.


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The first and main purpose of chainsaws is to cut down and easily cut trees. Those who use wood as firewood, woodworkers whose primary job is cutting wood, would not be able to function completely normally without a chainsaw. While it takes a few hours for an average tree to cut through with a saw, the chainsaw ends in ten minutes. However, in addition to this basic use, chainsaws can be used for many more jobs. First of all, there is a quick and easy cut off branches from the tree, so with the help of a chainsaw, you can quickly cut the tree in front of the house and the whole orchards if you have them.

Given that there are various sizes of chainsaws, they are very suitable for forming a stronger hedge, which is mostly owned by those who live in homes with a backyard. Small chainsaws are great for tidying up your yard in such a short time and making hedges and similar plants the shape you want.

Spirit level

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Whether you are laying a shelf on a wall or wanting to hang a new photo, it is crucial that it stands in the right line. You do not want to ram a few nails into the wall and then move away and see that everything is crooked. In order for everything to turn outright for the first time, it is necessary to use a level. Nowadays there are sophisticated laser gauges, however, nothing can replace the feeling of satisfaction when you finally set the balloon in the middle.

Vibrating Sander

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A very useful thing for carpentry jobs. Choose a model that was made for DIY, not professional. Usually, you will only need to fine-finish and not remove the layers of paint.

Voltage pen tester

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With a voltage tester pen, you check whether there is the voltage in the electrical outlet, whether the fuses are broken, whether the voltage is leaking to the metal armor of the washing machine or boiler, whether there is the voltage at the place where you change the bulb … We use this as a small screwdriver. Be very careful when working with electricity!


These are the basic tools without which you cannot repair anything. Over the years, your toolbox will be better equipped and you will rarely need professional help.