Key Ways To Save Money When Buying A Phone – 2024 Guide

Many people agree that smartphones are now part of their everyday lives. Your cell phone might always be in your bag, pocket, or hand. Several manufacturers are aware of this need and continue to break borders in mobile technological advancements. With that in mind, you might consider buying a new phone when developers release a new model. That said, here are four ways to help you save money when you’re about to buy a new phone:

1. Use Promo Codes and Discounts

You can start your search for new smartphones by checking out cell service providers. These companies may offer packages that allow you to get mobile services and new phones. However, you might think the price you’re paying to buy the new devices from these providers is high. If so, you can search for available promo codes and discounts.

Price reductions for new units from mobile service companies help customers save money when buying a new model. For example, Verizon Wireless offers the latest iPhone and Android devices on the market. However, the prices for these high-end gadgets may not be ideal for people following a strict budget.

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2. Avoid Buying the Latest Models

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You might be tempted to buy the latest smartphone models that hit the market. Purchasing the newest units as soon as the manufacturer releases it might spell disaster for your budget. Instead, consider waiting for a few weeks or months for the price of your preferred models to go down.

Mobile device manufacturers might price their new models with premium rates to help fill the interests of mobile gadget enthusiasts. Once a new model gets released into the market, the previous iterations of a particular cell phone line might become available at lower prices.

If you’re adamant about getting the latest unit, then think of waiting for the price to go down. Introductory prices might be too expensive for comfort. Technologies can change quickly, which means you might have to give in to paying a premium to gain access to the latest models.

You may also check out for discounts and price markdowns on the latest smartphones available. Getting a second-hand Android smartphone, like a Huawei can be a good value. You can read more about this model at

3. Sell or Trade-in Your Old Phone

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Your old mobile gadget might sit on a shelf or stay hidden in one of your drawers when you buy a new model. You can help another person by either selling or trading in your device.

The old smartphone you own might still have value, especially when you took good care of it. Selling the device might help offset the cost when you’re buying a new mobile device. Online selling portals exist to help you sell your old phone.

For instance, a specific website might help you sell your old device in four steps:

  • Step 1: Find the brand and model number of your device.
  • Step 2: Choose the deal you prefer.
  • Step 3: Have your device shipped to the retailer.
  • Step 4: Receive cash from the transaction.

4. Buy a Pre-Owned Model

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Buying a second-hand smartphone might not be a bad idea as what other people might initially think. Still, it’s best to think about your options well as opposed to buying the first pre-owned unit you see.

A mobile device that’s well-cared for might sport a cheaper price tag, but the device might still have a lot of life left in it. Search for second-hand mobile devices in different online retailers. You might end up finding an iPhone 8 with a $200 price reduction from its Standard Retail Price (SRP) because it’s a pre-owned gadget.

However, make sure the gadget is compatible with the SIM card provided to you from your mobile carrier. Specific modes might have a lock placed by other mobile service providers. So, if you make an error and buy an incompatible unit, you might have to pay extra to get the device unlocked.

Also, don’t forget to contact the seller for any questions you might want to ask. Consider asking about any visible damages or breaks found on the device. Furthermore, always check for online reviews concerning the seller as you don’t want to buy from a scammer.

Aside from checking customer feedback, consider taking a look at online reviews for the phone you’re planning to buy. Search for the best Android phones currently available on the market to aid you in your decision-making. Conversely, you might be an iPhone fan. Still, it might be a prudent move to inspect reviews on the different Apple mobile devices before you make your purchase.