Tech That Can Help You With Investments in 2024

Investing in the stock market can be a pretty difficult and stressful task, but why should it be? With so much technology these days that can help us ease our daily home tasks, our work, and even hobbies, why not utilize that technology to its maximum? Some years ago, if you wanted to start making investments, you would have to call or talk to a broker who would offer you some ridiculous feeds just so you can make your first trade. However, now there hundreds of brokerages that make the investment process and cost for “regular” people a lot better. There are several great and user-friendly apps where all you need to start investing is just a bank account and some money on it. So if you have a rising interest in the stock market, all you need to do is pull out your phone and download one of the many investing apps.

Even if you are a long-time investor and you understand how the stock market industry runs, you might not have perfected the ways of investment. Luckily, those same apps that ease your investing process can also help you understand the market and even make smart investment moves for you. These apps can offer you suggestions for your next investment, compare different fees, track your cash flow and more.
If you are unsure which app you should use for your investing career, we have made up a list of the best ones we could find.


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This app is a great option if you are new to the stock market world. Acorns will allow you to quickly link your debit or credit cards so you can start investing right away. The best feature of this app is that it can make your investing process simple and easy. Just set up your Acorns account, your bank accounts, and start playing with the market.
If you are looking for ways to use technology to help you with your investments, you should definitely check out, where you can find out about all the ways to improve your stock market skills.


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This app is well known for its great feature that can easily manage, track and optimize your existing portfolios, but it will also let you manage your own investment completely if you decide to do so. To start, you just need to sign up using your email, do a quick questionnaire, create an investment plan and start adding your bank accounts to the account.

Yahoo! Finance

We put this app on this list because of the amazing design and user-friendly experience. Yahoo’s finance app allows you to sync your quotes and portfolios throughout multiple devices, tracking commodities, currencies, and stocks. If you want a more lightweight app for your phone where you can easily check the status of your investments, Yahoo! Finance is the right one for you.

Motif Explorer

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This one is a bit different than the other apps we have listed. This app can track events and trends that have the possibility to make a change in the stock market which can be investment opportunities.