5 Essential Tips To Increase eBay Sales in 2024

Even for those who have never embarked on this adventure, eBay is synonymous with buying and selling online. This very successful way of selling has proven to be very respectable, and not for a short period because it has been going on for more than twenty years. For those who are not yet versed in eBay sales, we will try to help you roll your business, and for those of you who are a little more experienced – we will help with 5 tips on how to increase sales on eBay in 2024.

Powerful eBay

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Today, it is used for sale by 25 million people alone – and in the UK, 200,000 small businesses operate exclusively on eBay. Also, it is a logical choice for small businesses and those who are preparing to become one – because, unlike other platforms for the same purpose, you will only have the cost when you sell something – and you need a minimal business infrastructure. Also, like all mega-popular online services aimed at the widest audience, eBay is easy to use. Here are the first steps that will give you a general insight into what awaits you if you decide to sell on eBay.

Open an account on eBay and PayPal

If you’ve ever registered on eBay, you should reactivate that account. It is because it will look better if you’re not a complete beginner – and have transaction history. Therefore, your sales limits will be higher. Everyone who sells on eBay must have a PayPal account because that is the only way to pay there.

Install the eBay mobile app on your cell phone

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It will allow you to determine the value (price) of what you are selling by giving you an insight into the prices of such products in different stores. You will also be delighted by the distinctive sound of notifications when one of your products is sold.

Be a customer

Buy a few cheap little things through eBay – because it’s important to see what the customer experience is like on the customer side. Familiarize yourself with the notifications, the delivery procedure, and be sure to give feedback. Namely, eBay functions as a community – so with your experience, you help to filter out the best sellers. Also, the more constructive you are as a member of the community, the more reliable you will be later as a salesperson.

Pay attention to your photos

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We all know that a picture tells a thousand words, and sellers know for sure that a picture sells. So do your best when taking photos and listen to the requests and advice given to you by eBay itself. They are still the fruit of statistics – that is, real experience. For example, there is a completely different approach to photographing objects compared to photographing people – so you have to learn tricks such as using diffused light instead of a flash.

Get a scale

If you want to sell anything through eBay, you need to get a good scale – so that you can accurately calculate postage and avoid the cost. The seller just enters the weight of the package with the packaging – and the postage is calculated automatically. You can also buy the scale via eBay.

Learn to determine the value

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When determining the value of your goods, for example, it’s the same as with buying real estate. It is not important to you how much other sellers value their products – but how much the buyers end up paying for them. So, you need to research the sales made – which will also give you an answer to the question of what is worth selling. Practice evaluating your household items – and then, research and buy what you want to sell. Help tutorials are available online – so take advantage of this free offer. When you go deeper into the issue, you will develop a more advanced sales strategy.

Get shipping packaging

Buy packets, padded envelopes, and all other shipping packages. As your business expands, you will understand what types you need. Of course, you can also buy this from eBay. When it comes to delivery, it’s a good idea to look for tricks from experienced users.

Keep track of all the expenses

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From the first envelope you buy, you record all the costs. It is not only to calculate (refund) taxes – but also to know what the total costs of this kind of business are so that you can make projections for the future.

Essential Tips To Increase eBay Sales

If you get into this, you have a huge mitigating circumstance that the internet is full of tricks, tips, and tutorials for doing business on eBay. Of course, there are official instructions for selling. eBay is a flexible way of making money in which you tailor your working hours yourself. You have no start-up costs, and you can work from home. So give yourself time, arm yourself with patience, and be willing to learn. On specialized sites like  fasintell.com, you can do competitor analysis, research analysis – but also get sales assessment reports. And once you learn the basics – it’s time to learn how to increase sales on eBay. These are some helpful tips.

1. You can customize the look of your eBay store

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What is the first thing you want your customers to see? Believe it or not, here too the look sells. Therefore, you should customize your action on the platform so users can see what you want. Most often, users want to see the logo and all product categories well on the marked navigation bar. Of course, it’s not worse to offer users your newsletter – or subscribe to it.

2. Speed up the payment process

Even if you don’t do this regularly, you should accept PayPal payment as one of your holiday payment options if you want to increase eBay sales.

When customers pay via PayPal online – the transaction is instantaneous, and when you expedite payment, you expedite shipping. Two other big reasons to accept PayPal are:

  • This will give you the tools to track and deliver the goods
  • It will allow you to accept credit cards without opening a merchant account

3. Inquire about Hot / In-demand items

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What is always and everywhere current – is also current on eBay. For example, if you’re selling something on eBay over the holidays – you’ve done well. One of the best and most effective ways to increase sales on eBay is to add popular items to your ads. Find out what’s new and current on eBay with their tools.

4. Match your suppliers

Make sure you have pre-arranged trusted vendors to get the product you need to maximize eBay sales. You need to know where or not to have the product in stock before you can promote it – and sell it.

5. Consider a free shipping offer

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By offering free shipping, online shoppers offer even more incentives to purchase your product. Who doesn’t love a free bonus? Combining free shipping with fixed prices is a particularly powerful way to increase sales of your vacation. And be sure to provide combined delivery for multiple items. It saves customers money – by encouraging them to buy more.