Best Camera Under 15000 Rupees in 2024

In the modern era, more and more people are getting in love with modern technologies and things that they can do by using them. A lot of people are in love with photography and they are buying the cameras that they can use for taking photos in each and every occasion. India is a perfect country for this and there are millions of things to photograph there. However, the professional cameras are too expensive and not many people can afford them. We would now try to find the best camera that would be cheaper than 15000 Rupees but that would have the best characteristics.

Canon PowerShot SX430B IS

First of all, we are talking about a brand that is known in the entire world due to the quality of its cameras and due to the tradition, it has in this industry. All this tells us that this camera is one of the best there is. It should be mentioned that the price of this camera is 12,650 Rupees. One of the best things about this camera is the fact that it has a sensor that has 20 megapixels. It should be also noted that there is an optical zoom, a 40x one and that there is also a zoom plus option with 90x. It should be also noted that the camera offers a video recording service and that the quality of the video is 720 pixels. Apart from these things, the camera also has an intelligent IS. We should also mention that there is the possibility of connecting this camera to Wi-Fi and that the camera also has the NFC connectivity. The entire camera is not heavy at all, which is a great thing when you go in nature and long walks. Its weight is 830gr. The camera is available for sales on Amazon and Flipkart.