10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 Rupees in India 2024 – Enjoy the Most Realistic Sounds

Are you in need of the best possible Bluetooth speaker for 2000 rupees or lower? You are in luck, as in this article, we will go over 10 of the best ones available in 2024.

We are sure you will find what you need after reading it.

Top Reviewed Speakers

1. boAt Stone 700 Water Proof 10 W Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If you plan to use your new Bluetooth speaker for parties and outdoor gatherings, the first one on our list is the right choice. It is both water and shock resistant, and it has a powerful 10W audio output. Of course, it is also a great indoor solution.

When it comes to design, it features a robust design. It is made from silicone plastic and a rubber combination, while the waterproof certification guarantees it will survive rain, splashes, and even a potential pool. It should be mentioned that it really looks and feels like a premium Bluetooth speaker.

A large rubber hardware control has buttons on it, and the whole device is easy to operate. There is a microphone on the top, for voice calls and such, and it works quite well. If for some reason you do not want to use the Bluetooth, the speaker also has a 3.5mm jack connection option. The battery life is great, and at 60% volume, it will last you for around 8 hours.

Regarding the sound quality, this speaker will surprise you left and right. The volume can get high and loud, so a small group of friends will sound like a huge party while using it. The audio is also clear and punchy, so no troubles there.

Trebles are clear, and the bass is extra powerful, which is how the manufacturer describes it. It is very deep and clear and it does not make that annoying boomy or hollow sound.

2. Portronics POR-871

The second entry on our list is among the best Bluetooth speakers at this price range. It sports a compact, cylindrical design and it offers a great range of connectivity, mainly Bluetooth 4.2 BLE, 3.5 mm Aux, USB, and an FM tuner.

The drum shape of the speaker feels solid and stable and looks very classy and stylish. Thanks to the convenient size, it is easy to carry wherever you need it. International Protection rating IPx6 means that it is water and dust resistant, and its tight and compact body allows it to survive unpleasant conditions.

Hands-free phone calls are also available, thanks to the built-in microphone, as well as the speakerphone option.

Sound wise, it has two powerful 5W speakers that have good amplifiers. These will give you an unbelievable sound output, loud enough for an unforgettable outdoor party. The manufacturer promises great bass and a stunning mid-range volume, both among the leading ones in this range.

The battery in the speaker is 1800mAh lithium-Ion. It is capable of 7 hours of playing on a single recharge, and it does not take long to charge it.

3. JBL Go

The JBL brand has tons of great speakers in all price ranges. Here, we will present to you the Go model.  If you need a smaller Bluetooth speaker that still has a good sound quality and above average battery life, look no further.

The design on this speaker is rectangular, and it looks quite stylish with its rubber finish body. It is really compact and lightweight, only 132 grams. This means you will hardly feel it in your bag wherever you take it.

The speaker has five buttons on it, power, Bluetooth, volume up, volume down, and the one for answering calls. Connectivity options are great, and you get a micro USB port, an Aux cable port, and a mic.

Sound quality is really good, and the treble is balanced. For a speaker of this size, it can be surprisingly loud, which is always a good thing. Bass quality is also great for such a tiny device. Another thing special for a small speaker is the 5-hour battery life per charge.

4. SoundBot SB571

The fourth entry on the list is by SoundBot. This rectangular speaker looks trendy and classy, and since its lights and compact, it is easy to carry. The dimensions are just 6 x 2 x 1.6 inches, and therefore you will not even feel it in your bag.

It has controls for the calls, volume, and playback on the top, and the power button, a 3.5 mm Aux and the USB port in the back.

Sound quality is great, very clear and loud. Two 40mm unidirectional drivers are inside it, capable of delivering the loud volume of 6W each. This means that a potential outdoor party will go great alongside this device.

The bass and treble are both good, and you also have a microphone built inside. Battery life is above average. Overall, this is a great value speaker for the price of 2000 rupees.

5. Portronics POR-568 Posh

This speaker by Portronics is another awesome speaker that costs under 2000 rupees. It has a strong build quality, while the rugged sturdy feel is evident as soon as you take it in your hand. There is a neat leatherette finish on the sides.

Sound wise, this is a very powerful and loudspeaker, and it has two full range drivers. Audio quality is clear, and the effects are balanced. The bass is the real star of this speaker, and just what you need from a Bluetooth speaker.

You get power on and off button, a + and – volume button, a music track controller, a Bluetooth on and off button, and a call receive button. When connectivity is in question, you can use it as a USB audio device with a PC. Battery life is average for this price range.

6. boAt Stone 600

The second speaker from boAt on the list is less powerful than the first, but still an awesome device. It has a classy look while the structure feels rock solid. Like its cousin, it is 100% waterproof and has the IPX6 certification.

In addition, it can also survive dust and shocks. Dual 40mm drivers with 40Hz to 20 KHz frequency range are in charge of the sound. The battery life of this speaker is 8 hours power, and it requires around 4 hours to fully charge.

The sound quality is quite good compared to the rest of the speakers, and it is highly recommended for outdoor activities and parties.

7. Zoook ZB-JAZZ

Here is another perfect party speaker under 2000 rupees. This one comes with a music flash mode, as it has LED lights installed that will flash while the music is playing. This makes for an awesome light show while partying out in nature, as well as inside.

The sound quality is amazing, and the bass is decent. Connectivity options are Bluetooth, 3.5 mm Aux, micro SD, and USB. The battery inside of it is 1800mAh that will give you 5 hours of music time.

Since this one is on the cheaper, budget side, you cannot expect much, but what you get is great for the price in question.

8. Portronics Sound Pot POR 280

This cute little speaker resembles a miniature flower pot. It is completely black, and the body also has a rubber finish and rubber feet for extra grip. It is very lightweight, only 180 grams.

Sound quality is surpassingly good for a small device like this one. It has has a decent amount of bass for its petite size, and the only bad side is that it does not have any kind of controls on it. Battery life is average, but it is a small speaker.

9. Philips BT64B/94

The sole Philips device here is an awesome solution for under 2000 rupees. It is compact, lightweight, and of such a design that it is extremely handy and easy to carry. Sound quality and bass are decent, and the Frequency Response is 70 – 20000 Hz.

This one is not for outdoor parties however, as it is small and not powerful enough. It is good for individual use inside though, like connecting it to your gaming laptop or when watching movies. Om the connectivity front, you will get Bluetooth, an SD card slot, an Aux slot, and FM.

10. boAt Stone 200


We started the list with this brand, and we will end with it as well. This one is perfect for an adventure trip, as it is quite tiny, compact and lightweight. It even fits in a pocket.

As was the case with boAT speakers on our list, it is 100% waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof, all important for the outdoor use.

The battery is the best part, as it will give you an amazing 10 hours of music on one charge. Considering the size and the price, the sound is as good as you can ding.