Best Graphics Card Under 15000 Rupees in 2024

Living in the modern era, we are surrounded by numerous modern technologies and it seems that laptops and computers have become so essential that our lives cannot be imagined without them. Furthermore, they have become a needed accessory in work and in schools and many children are using them when playing games on their laptops and computers. In order to do this, they would also need a great graphics card installed. There are thousands of types of those, and they can be found for various prices. We would now try to establish which graphics card is the best in India and is under 15000 Rupees.

Zotac GeForce GTX1060 Graphics Card

Why is it the best? First of all, it should be mention that the graphics card uses 1152 CUDA cores. Apart from this, the card also has a GDDR5 memory of 3GB and it should be also noted that there is also a 192-bit memory bus. It should be also mentioned that the engine block is on 1506MHz, which is the base, while the boosted is 1708MHz. The memory clock of the card is 8GHZ. It is also recommended to use the card with 400W PSU and there is also a 6-pin power connector, and it is a PCIe one. The manufacturer offers this graphics card with a warranty of 2 years. The price for it on Amazon id 12,990 Rupees.