5 Best Trimmers You Can Buy For 1000 Rupees In 2024

We live in a day and age in which men’s beards are respected more than ever. Everybody is trying to go for that cool beard look. Sometimes they get out of control, which is something that trimmers can fix easily. That is why they are important. Every man that grooms a beard needs a good trimmer, so we are going to show you some great cheap options. These are the best value trimmers today.

1. Panasonic ER-GB30K tops our list, there is no doubt about that. Our goal today is to show you all the models that are under 1000 Rs, and this one definitely fits the criteria. It’s non-chargeable, so you need to get you some batteries to make it work. Japanese blade tech is the thing that makes it worth your money. Reviews are great, especially on Amazon, so you know a lot of people are enjoying it.

2. Philips QT3310 is also a model that you need to take a look at. Its design is quite nice, that black and green combo looks really good. It’s comfortable and pretty useful since it has 10 different length settings, from 1mm to 10mm.

The big difference between these two trimmers is the fact that this one is chargeable. You can even use your smartphone to charge it.

You need to be careful with the pricing. While it can be found for under 1000 Rupees, there is no doubt that you are going to come across some Phillips QT3310’s that are going for around 1200 Rs.

Img source: homeshop18.com

3. Philips BT1212/15 is let another great trimmer which can definitely be found for around 900 Rs. The stylish design and USB charging is something that is attracting all the beard-lovers the most. Self-sharpening blade is the biggest advantage of this trimmer.

But, it comes with one major flaw, which is why we do recommend taking giving the previous trimmer a good look. This one comes with only four length settings, compared to the last model that we talked about with has ten of those.

4. Syska HT1309 is a great pickup for anybody that really needs a lot of length settings. The major advantage of this trimmer is the fact that it has 25 length settings. So, if that is something that is important to you, Syska HT1309 should be your number one pick. In order for it to be useable for around 60 minutes, you need to let it charge for 8 hours, which is okay since most of the trimmer need similar charging time for much 30 minutes of trimming. One hour should be more than enough for you to get the job done.

Img source: Shoponn.in

5. Nova NHT – 1020 is the final trimmer that we are going to talk about today. It’s the cheapest by far since you can get it for around 530 Rs. You need to charge it for 8 hours in order for it to work for 30 minutes. It’s waterproof, which is a big plus, but the number of length settings is quite low. Still, this is one of the best budget options that you can buy.