5 Best Dehumidifiers With Pump in 2024

If you are having problems with the air in your living or workspace, then you are probably in need of a good dehumidifier. You’ve heard words like damp, clammy or moist that were often used to describe the air in your home. The moist and dampness can cause mold or damage your furniture and carpets.

There are a lot of different dehumidifiers on the market. But if you are looking for a dehumidifier with a pump to help with the air in your rooms, then this is the right place for you.

On this list, you will find some of the best dehumidifiers with a pump that are affordable for everyone. Say goodbye to most and humid air!


1. The Frigidaire FFAP7033T1

Img source: homedepot.com

This dehumidifier with a pump is so powerful it to keep very damp basements at 50 percent humidity or below. It can also help with many common problems that affect most people and help fight wood rot, mildew, and other infestations that can damage your home and trigger allergies.

The largest space it can reduce humidity is around 1,400 square feet. This Frigidaire model is Energy Star rated which means it doesn’t spend a lot of electricity.  It has nice design details (such as a secure carry handle and built-in cord storage) that make it very easy to live with.

The versatility of this pump is extremely affordable which is great. You’ve probably heard that all dehumidifiers have to be drained regularly of the water they remove from the air, but the pump on this model lets you automatically direct the water into a sink or out a window. The Frigidaire FFAP7033T1 is one of the best models on this list and is surely worth the money.

2. GE’s APER70LW

Img source: geappliances.com

GE’s APER70LW is very similar to the Frigidaire FFAP7033T1 in the most important characteristics: It features the same capacity to remove water per day, it’s Energy Star rated which means it’s very efficient with electricity, and it has a pump to help you send the water down the drain or out a window. Compared to the previous dehumidifier on this list it has a few shortcomings like pocket-style handles that provide a less secure grip, as well as the lack of a place to wrap the cord up in case you’re moving the machine around or storing it in the garage. This GE’s model is a very solid dehumidifier with a pump, and despite its minor flaws, it is an excellent deal for its price.

3.Frigidaire’s FFAD3033R1

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Frigidaire’s FFAD3033R1 is much smaller in size than the previous Frigidaire’s dehumidifier on this list and costs $100 less. Because of the price drop, some things on it must suffer. It’s less powerful. But that makes it a perfect choice for smaller spaces, where more powerful machines would be too much. On some tests, it rapidly dropped the humidity in a 400-square-foot space from a soggy 73 percent to an enjoyable 50 percent. What is more important, it kept the air dry on the lowest levels, quietest setting, even with a humidifier producing moist in the test room. It is energy-efficient like many dehumidifiers on this list and comes with the Energy Star certification and the same nice handle and cord storage as the larger Frigidaire provides, this model will make your life easier. As it goes with almost all small dehumidifiers, it lacks a pump, so you manually have to empty the tank or place the machine where it can drain the water into something.

4. GE’s ADEL30LW

Img source: homedepot.com

This GE’s model is another solid choice on this list for small rooms such as bedrooms and laundry rooms. On some test, it showed that it is not as fast at dehumidifying spaces like the small Frigidaire, and it did not achieve quite as much overall dehumidification over the course of a couple of hours. It is quieter especially if it works on medium or high settings. It doesn’t come with an Energy Star rating which makes it less energy efficient. Don’t compare it with the  Frigidaire FFAD3033R1 because it will give you lesser results, but if you compare it to many dehumidifiers on the market, it is a great choice.

5. Whynter RPD-501WP

Img source: whynter.com

The Whynter RPD-501WP dehumidifier is so good it can remove 50 percent of moisture from the air in any 24 hour period. This models have the ability to be hooked up to a hose and drained continuously using the built-in pump or you can simply use it with the large can or a bucket. It comes with 16 and a half foot hose which gives you the ability to put your dehumidifier far away from the drain or sink you use to drain the water. It features a powerful pump that can push water as far as 15 feet away. It can also be used in low temperatures because it has an automatic defrost function which prevents moisture icing up on the dehumidifier coils. Whynter’s dehumidifier is best for large areas up to 3,000 square feet and has the ability to work at a temperature of 40 degrees which makes it one of the best dehumidifiers on this list.