Tips for Buying an Android TV Box – 2024 Guide

Although it sounds almost impossible, there are still many of those who do not know what an Android TV box is. What is the purpose of this device and what it is for? All-in-one, it has many advantages. One may say that modern life is almost impossible without it.

What Is Android TV Box?

Android TV box is a small black box that houses a powerful multimedia computer. This device is running on the Android operating system. This computer can be equipped with four or eight-core processors, 1-6 GB RAM and 8/16/32 GB built-in hard disk. This small but very useful device has all the necessary elements to connect a computer peripheral: a keyboard, mouse, and any TV with an HDMI port serves as a monitor. External USB drives and SD cards can be connected to the Android TV box, which can greatly expand the memory of the device. This device is ready to connect to the Internet either via WIFI or through a local Ethernet network. It is empowered with the Android operating system version 5.1. or later. These devices come with a remote-controlled power adapter and an HDMI cable and can be used immediately upon opening. This smart device will turn your regular TV into a smart TV.

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How is the Android TV Box Different From Other Boxes On The Market?

Android TV box is customized for every user and you do not need any special knowledge to use it. With a simple instruction, in 10 minutes you can take it out of the box, plug it into a TV, tune in and start watching literally whatever you want. This device is primarily designed to serve as a media hub for audio and video playback, however, it can be much more than that. Android TV boxes can run almost any android application from the google play store and serve as a game console.

What Android TV Box Should We Choose?

Today’s market is swamp with different Android TV boxes, so if you’re a beginner, you can easily get lost. Manufacturers are competing with extremely low prices, but also often with a low quality. That’s why you need a reliable provider. According to Vissontech, many people are usually drawn to low price. But that doesn’t always imply the quality of the product. However, with the help of the professionals, you can find an affordable Android TV Box that will fulfill your needs. The professionals will make you aware of each one’s capabilities. They will also give you some more precise information about resolution or services you can use.

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What Things To Look Out For?

When choosing between these devices, you must also keep in mind the criteria that they must meet. One of the most important criteria is the amount of memory. What any professional will advise you to do is get a device with an Amlogic chip. When it comes to memory capacity, in today’s environment it should not be below 2GB of RAM. This is important so that you can meet today’s video file needs. Therefore, anything less than 2GB will not be enough for you. Also, keep in mind your home wi-fi. In case it’s not fast enough, it is advisable to buy a device that has implemented wired network card. Finally, there is the issue of services that the device can support. Your Android TV Box should be able to stream videos from Netflix or other services.