5 Ways to Track Live Location of Any Mobile Phone Number – 2024 Guide

Tracking a phone number sounds like a challenging task. Getting access to the location of a number requires you to go through several steps that require service provider access. If you are interested in it, you can read this article to track a cell phone number.

You do not need to get into any technical aspect and just need a device and an active internet connection. Anyone can do it with the basic knowledge of the operating system of the device such as Android and iPhone.

1. Spyine

Source: spyine.com

Spyine is the leading application that provides location tracking services. It is a phone monitoring solution that covers almost every part of phone monitoring such as location tracking, call logs viewing, etc.

It is recognized by Forbes and Millions of people trust this application for all types of location tracking services. The best thing is that it does not require you to perform any jailbreak on an iPhone to track its location.

The same thing is for Android devices that work without performing a root on the device on Spyine application. This application is the expert’s choice for phone tracking as it includes an amazing SIM tracker that works without using the GPS.

It means that no matter whether the GPS is turned on or off, you can always track the device. We recommend starting with the free demo that demonstrates how to use the different features of this platform. You can get access to it after creating a Free Account on their website.

2. Neatspy

Source: neatspy.com

Neatspy is another great application that helps you to track the live location of a phone number. This application has introduced a new and effective way to track the device location without letting the user know.

People use this application for its simple and easy user interface that guides them with quick tips to monitor a device. Neatspy comes with two dedicated features for phone tracking namely- SIM Tracker and Location Tracker.

The sim tracker is helpful when you want to track the live location through the SIM of the targeted device. On the other hand, the location tracker feature works when there is a working GPS in the targeted device.

We recommend this application due to its advanced features and affordable plans. You can start tracking any device for only $9.99/ month. It is way better than hiring people to do it for you.

3. ClickFree

Source: clickfree.com

If you are looking for a secure, fast, and affordable way to track a device, then ClickFree is the best option for you. It has everything that a person needs to track a mobile phone number remotely.

The best part of this application is that one can easily track a device without even touching it for once. It is a private application that allows its users to monitor any device by just verifying it with their account.

There are many features such as WhatsApp spy, Location Tracker, Instagram Spy, Call Logs Viewer, etc. However, you just need to use the SIM tracker and location tracker to get the live location of a phone number.

You can start by creating a free account on their website. After that, you will need to follow their instructions to verify the account and connect the device. It takes somewhere between 3-5 minutes to set up for location tracking.

4. Minspy

Source: minspy.com

The best way to track a phone number is by choosing the most experienced player in the game. Minspy has been providing phone monitoring services for years by adding new features for its users.

The platform works for beginners and gives you an easy to use installation guide to track a device. It is trusted by industry professionals to track different devices and their locations. You can get it for personal use or buy a plan to use it for your employees.

It is a great way to make sure the data of your company is safe with your employees. It has an exclusive SIM tracking feature that works great for every Android and iPhone device. All you need is just create an account and connect it with the device.

After that, you will be able to use all of its tools to track the different applications of the targeted device.

5. Spyic

Source: spyic.com

Spyic comes with a set of tools that is designed to keep track of your loved ones all the time. It was designed with parental control for the connected device that gives you access to their location, installed apps, and many more things.

Due to its personal use, they have added layers of security to the targeted device from other third-party apps. The application is a great pick for the beginners as it has an easy to use User interface. All the pages have some quick tips to help you with the installation guide.

All you need is to follow their four simple steps to track any device you want. Additionally, the app does not require you to mess with the security of the targeted device by performing a jailbreak or root. You can simply use it on any device with an active internet connection.

Final Words

The advancement in technology has introduced some of the finest ways to track a mobile number without putting much effort. Using a spy application for location tracking has always been the most effective way. However, choosing the right one is the most challenging task.

The 5 applications that have been covered in this article are worth trying as they are trusted by millions of users. You can start with anyone of them to track the device without letting the owner know.

The Free Demo by Spyine is a great opportunity for beginners to learn the use of these applications. Just create an account and access their Demo to get your hands on their tools and features.