How can I Spy on Cell phone Without Installing Software on Target Phone? – 2024 Guide

This is one of the most viral queries of all time ever since mobile phone technology has evolved.  Everyone once in a lifetime tends to this thing. It could be about keeping an eye on kids and teens cell phone activities, monitoring of employees at the workplace or due to a variety of known unknown reasons.  Most of the people forget this thing being non-tech-savvy or knowing that it is impossible to do that. However, the reality behind this question is very simple that there is no software on this planet that can make you spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone.

However, you can monitor the target device to the fullest if you already have installed mobile phone surveillance software on the apparatus you want to monitor. Therefore, don’t waste your time in the false or fake claims advertised on the web that you can do surveillance on a handset without installing software on the target device, especially when you are dealing with the android in particular. However, when it comes to iOS it is possible to some extent that you have procured iCloud credentials and then put it on the mobile phone monitoring app and get to know about the data stored on the target device and stuff like that. So, simply install mobile spy software on apparatus you want to monitor and remotely monitor it.

Install cell phone monitoring software on the target device?

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One thing you should keep in mind that you cannot monitor someone’s phone unless you have to install a spy app on the targeted device. Therefore, go to the official webpage of TheOneSpy tracking software by using your device built-in or installed browsers. Once you are on the webpage then you need to perform few steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Subscribe for mobile spying software

Get subscription Online and later you need to log in to your email. It will provide you the login credentials in terms of passcode and ID.

Step 2: Get Physical access on the target device

Now you have to get physical access on the targeted device. Later you need to start the process of installation. When you have finished with the process of installation then activate it on the targeted device.

Step 3: Use Credentials & get access to the web portal

Use the credentials and get access to the online control panel of the mobile phone tracking software. Now you can further get access to the tools that allow you to track all the activities happen on the targeted device.

Use cell phone surveillance app tools to monitor the target device

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Live screen recording

Now you can remotely come to know what target device user is doing on the mobile apparatus screen in real-time. You can use the live screen recorder for mobile to record live activities happen on the target device screen. It certainly empowers you to record the screen in terms of back to back short videos of the screen and send it to the control panel. You have already got the access, so you can see the live recorded videos of the screen.

IM’s Social Media

Monitor the logs of social messaging apps and instant messengers with social media monitoring software. It enables you to get the logs of messages, chats, audio-video chats, shared multimedia and Voice messages.

Call recording

You can record and listen to the mobile device calls incoming and outgoing in real-time using a secret call recording app. Further, you can save the live recorded calls data on the web portal.

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Text messages monitoring

You can read text messages sent or received by the target device user with text messages spy software with a complete time stamp.

GPS location tracking

Now keep tracking the location of the target device with location tracker software. It empowers you to monitor real-time GPS location of the apparatus you want to monitor, location history, weekly location history, daily location history and further you can mark safe and restricted locations on the MAP.


Cell phone spying software is the best tool that empowers you to monitor the target cell phone apparatus remotely once you have set it up on the target device. However, you can monitor someone’s apparatus without installing the software.