Can You Actually Spy on Smartphones – 2024 Guide

Many of us heavily rely on our cell phones to manage our lives these days. With the rise of e-payment, online banking, virtual shopping, social media, and many more, we have essentially “uploaded” our entire life into the cyberworld. While most people know that what we do online can be tracked and recorded, not many are aware that smartphones can be instantly transformed into a bugging device.

However, it doesn’t even take a professional spy to do it. There are so-called “spy apps” explained on which are designed specifically to spy on your smartphone. I’m sure that you’ve all heard the stories about how your phone’s GPS can be used to track your location even when you’re not using it, but many have no idea just how much personal life others can learn through your smartphone.

We understand that many are growing concerns over their privacy but the truth is nothing is safe in the cyberworld. Humans have grown fairly dependent on their smartphones and some might even get anxious when the phone is out of sight for a few minutes. Just imagine how the reliance is not helping in the situation if you are being tracked through spying apps? We know it almost sounds absurd but this is the reality that no one wants to admit.

How You Are Being Spied on Your Cell Phone

Other than the phone’s tracking system, here are few other ways your smartphone can be used to spy on you. Yes, you might be surprised by how you are under the watch without you knowing.

The Camera of Your Smartphone


Malicious apps and software can easily gain access to your phone’s camera without you even knowing it. Once the camera is switched on, they can snap photos or record videos whenever they want. In fact, Google confirmed that this was a risk for millions of smartphone users after a flaw in their system allowed hackers to gain access to Android phone cameras in November 2019.

One way that can let them into your device is if you accidentally clicked into a malicious link or file sent via email or text. The file will immediately grant them access once you click on them and the best way to protect yourself from such spy activities is to cover your phone cameras with removable stickers.

Let’s Not Forget the Microphone


The idea that our phones are listening in to our private conversation has become a big topic in recent years when many users started noticing social media platforms such as Facebook serving advertisements based on conversations that they’ve had with the phone nearby. Whether that is true or not, one thing we know for sure is that it is not difficult to access a smartphone’s microphone to listen in on conversations.

In fact, you can quickly download an Android spy app into your target’s phone, and it’ll give you access to the microphone at any time of the day. To protect yourself from large corporations or hackers listening in on the private details of your life, make sure you disable access to microphones for all apps that do not require them. You should also make sure you avoid clicking on any suspicious links or attachments from unknown senders.

All the Mobile Apps in Your Smartphone


A smartphone is a private person’s worst nightmare. If you grant an app such as Facebook and WhatsApp full access, they can easily hijack your camera, microphone, and GPS to record and track you. And we are only talking about non-malicious apps here.

There are plenty of apps online that are specifically designed to steal your data and sell it to third parties. The scariest part about such malicious apps is that they can continue to harvest your data even when you do not grant them permission to access your smartphone’s features.

The best way to avoid such privacy infringements is to make sure you only download reputable applications and disable any unnecessary permissions in your phone settings. Also, make sure you run a regular malware and virus scan on your smartphone to help you clear any potentially harmful applications.

Spy on Cell Phone Without Possession


Now that you know a few ways a smartphone can be used to spy on someone, you can easily turn it to your advantage. This is great if you’re giving your kids a smartphone for the first time and want to keep them protected from the dangers lurking in the cyberworld or if you just need something to help you check whether your employees are utilizing their business phones properly.

Acccording to echospy, there are plenty of spy apps online that are available for download now such as iKeyMonitor, mSpy, Spyera, and Hoverwatch. These apps allow you to spy on a smartphone without having it in your possession. The app works by remotely accessing your target phone and displaying the data on your cell phone, tablet, or computer.

Such spy apps offer features such as giving you access to private messages, pictures, videos, social media chats, call logs, GPS tracking information, and just about everything else you need to know. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the room next door or are miles away, these amazing spy apps are able to retrieve just about all kinds of activities and information on your target phone any time of the day.


The bottom line is, you have to be extremely careful as we think that no one should ever undermine the power of spy apps. Proper utilization of mobile spy apps would help to maintain the efficiency of your employee’s work, or you can improve the safety measures you can take to protect your children as they are being exposed to unwanted danger in the virtual world.

Yes, you can definitely spy on smartphones, so you should totally be mindful when it comes to this issue. Your mobile phone is truly a double edged sword, and we hope that through this article you will benefit from using a smartphone instead of the complete opposite.