How to Track Someone’s WhatsApp Activities – 2024 Guide

We all live in the era of technology where almost each and every person is dependent on their smartphone – and most of them cannot spend a single minute without it. And these days, all the personal information is saved on our mobile devices. Hence, if you want to track someone’s daily activities one of the best ways to do so is to install the XySpy software. In this article, you will be able to read about the moral reasons for monitoring someone’s WhatsApp account, as well as the benefits you can get from it. Let’s take a look:

Some Ethical Purposes of Tracking

Here are some important factors when it is okay to use XySpy:

  1. Parents Tracking Their Children – with the crime rate increasing, some teenagers might get involved in activities that are not good for them, hence, a parent might opt to track their children to find out their location, as well as what they are doing.
  2. Boss Tracking Their Employees – if you are worried about your employees’ activities during office hours, you can follow their movement via the Internet and this mobile software can help you with that.

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  3. Spouse Tracking their Cheating Partner – if you think that your spouse is cheating, some people choose to track their phones in order to ensure if the spouse is really cheating or not. However, you should make sure that you stop tracking them once the doubt is clear.
  4. Some Other Cases – tracking is also viewed as morally right is children need to track their older parents or for tracking a younger sibling for their own safety. If you trace your loved one smartphone for any important reason, it will not be viewed as unethical.

The Features of WhatsApp Hacking Application – XySpy

  1. Highest Protectiveness

This application provides you with security. This is because the app is under a huge responsibility that protects you from being detected by other people. Hence, if for any reason you opt for this application, you will not be able to be detected.

  1. Call Recording

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This feature is available in almost all spy applications, hence, you can always know to whom the person is talking to and what the person talks about. It records all the calls done and received from the device, it records an entire call and keeps a folder with the calls. When you need to find a call, you will need to open the cloud service, since it sends all the recording to your mail ID.

  1. Read Instant Messaging

WhatsApp is known as one of the most used messaging application. People use this app for almost everything, including professional and personal work. Hence, one of the best ways to gain access to the application and the messages received and sent is by using this application. You can gain access to the targeted phone and with that, to the instant messaging application. If you want to see more information, visit here.


If you choose to spy on someone’s phone, make sure that you have a good moral reason for doing so.