How to Know if Someone Has Muted You on Messenger?

Your messages are not being delivered when sent on Messenger? You can’t write to them, even though they’re online. There is a high probability that that person muted or blocked you.

When someone blocks or unfriends you on Facebook, the most obvious sign is that you can no longer see any of their content. However, it’s all too easy for people to block you without realizing it – here’s how to make sure you spot if someone has blocked you. Another way of blocking someone is by muting them on messenger.

As with everything on Facebook, there are several ways that the social media site makes users unaware that something has happened, so here’s our guide to spotting when somebody has muted you on messenger.

1. Your Messages Aren’t Being Delivered


Perhaps the easiest way to spot that somebody has muted you is because your messages are no longer being delivered to them. Muted users will still be able to see your messages but won’t actually receive any notifications for new messages.

By using or trying to use Messenger after blocking, You will receive a message stating “This user has currently blocked messages from your conversations”  Or if the user has decided to block you because you are bothering him/her too much, even if he/she is not online YOU will receive a message saying “The person you were trying to reach is currently unavailable”.

2. You Can’t Write to Them, Even Though They’re Online


You’ve noticed that you haven’t been able to send your friend or family member a message on Messenger for a while. That’s because Facebook automatically blocks people if the user has not used Messenger in a while (usually after 72 hours of no activity on the app).

If you’re wondering, “Is it possible to unblock someone who has blocked me on Facebook?”, then the answer is No. You will have to wait until they decide to unblock themselves or you can send them a friend request again after waiting for some time.

3. They’ve Removed You From Their Friend’s List


As Facebook is a social media site, its main purpose is to connect people – even if they no longer want to be your friend on the platform. So it’s likely that you might have been removed from a person’s friend list on Messenger because of this.

4. They’re Not on Your Contact List Anymore

Muted users will still be able to see your messages but won’t actually receive any notifications for new messages. If you check under Message Requests and find the muter has vanished from there as well, it means he/she has either blocked you or deleted you.

In this case, It is very unlikely that the two of you will again become Facebook friends in the future as all traces of you have been removed.

5. No Other Explanation For Being Muted


The person you were trying to reach is currently unavailable. If this happens, it means that the other person has either blocked or unfriended you on Facebook without your knowledge.

You can do nothing except wait until they decide to unblock you or send them a friend request again after waiting for some time.

If there’s any ambiguity about whether or not someone has muted you, just ask them! If they have, they’ll tell you. This may be embarrassing but it’s better than being left in the dark.

6. How Can I Mute Someone on Facebook?


It is very easy to mute someone, Even you can do it. All you have to do is block the person from your list of contacts and then that particular person won’t be able to see any of your messages or contents on Facebook. Why would anyone want to stop seeing other person’s contents?

It’s because there might be a chance where things might get a little out of hand and become a bit too much for a user to handle.

If you wish, you can also remove people from your contact list instead of muting them by going into the Messenger app and hitting the More button at the top right corner.

Another alternative is pressing on ‘People’ in the main menu at the bottom which will take users straight to their contacts page.

Here’s an example of what you might see if a friend has blocked you on Facebook Messenger. Some users may choose to block instead of muting, which is up to them.

In this case, the user will still appear as one of your contacts even though they can’t see any of your messages or chat with you anymore.

See how there was no space between ‘People’ and the first contact? That’s because it directly takes users to their contacts page and that particular user doesn’t have their own spot on my list.

You don’t need to do anything but just wait for things to resolve themselves if someone has muted you – It’s not fun we know but there it is! When will I be able to write again?

After you read this, don’t panic if somebody has muted or blocked you on Facebook Messenger. It may be annoying but it is not the end of the world. You can still send them a friend request again once things get resolved and chances are that they’ll accept it within no time!


There are many methods to unblock someone on Facebook but you can’t unblock yourself. To know what is best for you, the steps described above will help you figure it out. It’s up to you whether or not to contact them again through other means, such as e-mail or phone call.

However, bear in mind that these might upset the person further and they could block/unfriend you again if things get out of hand once more. Either way, just be patient and wait until they’re ready.”(End of article)

Blocking somebody on Facebook is not always because someone wishes to stop seeing somebody else. Blocking often occurs when something has happened between the two people sharing the account (i.e. a conversation has taken place between the two which can lead to frustration). This is usually not intended as a means of stopping somebody from using Facebook, although it may feel this way.

Remember that only the account owner can unblock someone on Facebook.