WordPress Theme Guide: How to Choose the Right One 2024

If WordPress is today the most popular tool for creating blogs and showcase sites, it is thanks to its ease of use and its visual theme management system.

As you probably already know, the design of a WordPress site is defined by its template/theme. It is a means of separating the content (texts and images) from its formatting (colors, fonts, backgrounds, layout, margins, etc.).

A WordPress theme, therefore, acts as a template where some aspects of the design can be easily modified, most of the time without writing code. More insights can be read on MyBestWebsiteBuilder.

Here are Some Tips to Help you with your Search

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You’re in luck; the other strength of WordPress is its massive community of developers and designers. As a result, there are thousands of WordPress themes to download on the net, for a price ranging from roughly 0 to 100 dollars (which is not much compared to the cost of creating a site).

At this point, you will quickly drown yourself in this too wide choice available to you. Our recommendation is taking your options from Template Monster  as it provides high-quality templates at affordable prices.

Choose a Premium Theme

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In short, choosing a free theme is not necessarily the best option. Better to put a few tens of dollars and have the assurance of regularly obtaining updates from the manufacturer (necessary for the security of your site, among others), and reactive after-sales service. If you run a business-related website, it’s recommended to choose the best one among high quality paid WordPress templates for business.

Know How to See Beyond Design

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When you know nothing about it and are looking for a theme for your business, you quickly choose one for the topic covered in your demo and not for these real assets. Example: you want to showcase your restaurant, then you select a theme whose demo illustrates a restaurant because the images speak to you. That can be a solution, of course, but one that often lacks objectivity.

It must be remembered that most of the time, you will not be able to reuse these images because they are not free of rights. Then, in terms of design, this same theme would probably work just as well for an artisan or a real estate agency, by merely changing the photos. We must, therefore, try to judge the theme by its functionality, its options, and not by the images of the demo version.

Instead, take into account the arrangement possibilities of the elements on the page. For example, if you want a vertical menu on the left, choose a theme that can do it for you, because not everyone does it. Same thing if you wish to a specific header design (menu, logo position), or unique animations. But always think that the design of most of the elements (colors, photos, typos, etc.) can be personalized later.

Features and Compatibility

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If you like the design of the demo, that’s already a good thing, but then you need to check that the theme has the features you need. For example, if you want a portfolio system to show your achievements, you want a full-page slideshow type, or you want to translate the site into other languages, then you will have to find the theme that will meet all your needs because not all of them do. Also, not all topics are as easy to optimize for SEO. It won’t be effortless for you to have an opinion on this point, but this is to be taken into account.


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By testing the demo, you will be able to judge the ergonomics of the site for visitors. Remember to check the mobile version of this demo!

Here is another vital thing before dealing with portfolio website themes visit here. That is the ergonomics of the back office; that is to say, the administration interface through which you will go every time you want to update your site.

At some manufacturers, the organization of the menus is intuitive, and you quickly find what you are looking for. In others, it is much less so, and you will spend the first few evenings struggling with this theme, feeling as lost as you would be in front of the dashboard of an airplane cockpit.

So Remember to Check it Before Purchase

Last tip: you should go for a large theme manufacturer who has been able to change his themes considerably since the first version came out, thus making it more compatible, ergonomic, more secure, and naturally more optimized.

In case of a particular need, and informed webmaster can afford to choose a lesser-known theme manufacturer. But if you are new, prefer a tool that has (many) good reviews and a large number of users.