Gaming Monitor: How to Choose The Best Gaming Monitor – 2024 Guide

Buying a computer is not an easy task, especially if its price levels vary, not to mention the abundance of features and specifications for each type, especially with regard to the type and speed of the processor, types of computer monitor, memory size etc of the specifications.

In this article, we will focus on several tips that we offer you in the guide to choosing a computer monitor, to help you know the best types of the different computer monitor, in terms of cost, and in terms of specifications, in light of the great difference in the needs of computer users between a professional in design and montage programs and the last browser only for the Internet, so choosing the monitor will definitely be related to the nature of your use of the computer, as there are many features that are important for a particular person, while they will never be used for another person, so you have to make sure that you put your money in the right place.

Tips For Choosing A Computer Monitor Most Suitable For Gaming Fans


Whether you are a professional gamer on the computer, or you are a beginner, you need a suitable computer screen on which to play your favorite game, and whatever the type of game, especially fast-moving games, such as war games, car racing or sports games, you do not need a computer screen that appears You only have clear graphics, but you need a computer screen that shows you the game without distortion in the image, or blurring for any reason.

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In the guide to choosing the most appropriate computer screen for games, we will help you choose the screen that will give you full pleasure in playing smoothly, by following the following tips:

  • Size: When it comes to computer screens best suited for games; The bigger screen is always better, usually choosing a screen size of at least 27 inches is suitable for a large room, because it will give you high-performance dimensions, and a full resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels and there are modern models that give you a Quad High Definition (WQHD) resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels. If your room is small, you can use a computer screen of at least 24 inches (0.61 m), with dimensions of 1920 × 1080 only.
  • Graphics card: You need to get a highly effective 3D graphics card to play with higher accuracy and better.
  • Gaming computer monitors should have a high refresh rate and fast response.
  • Response speed: It expresses the time in which the pixel moves from one color to another color and is measured in milliseconds. In general, a response at a speed of fewer than 22 milliseconds is suitable for gaming computer screens.
  • Refresh rate: It is the time per second to redraw the entire screen, and it is measured in hertz. If you are a fan and fan of games, Label recommends that you have a computer screen that has a refresh rate of at least 120 hertz, meaning that it talks 120 times within one second, and it is better to have more than that. Usually, 1444 hertz, because a high refresh rate is a prerequisite for making 3D graphics.
  • It is preferable to choose a screen based on IPS or In-Plane Switching technology, as the color appears on these types of screens clearly and naturally, but the problem is that they are considered the most expensive types of screens, you can in case you want to replace it with a screen with a TN system, which is available at reasonable prices and is very popular Among gamers, it focuses on the fact that it provides fast response and high refresh rates, noting that its problem is that it is suitable for fast games only.
  • Our guide for choosing the most appropriate computer monitor also advises you to purchase a monitor equipped with a variety of video inputs, so you can stay in touch with other computers and create gaming platforms.

Tips For Choosing The Best Computer Monitor

What are the main tips for choosing the right computer monitor for you? How can you distinguish between the different types of monitors?

First of all, We go into the details of monitor selection, we must define the five elements that are the basic characteristics of various computer monitors, namely:

  • Computer Screen Resolution: measured in pixels, and the pixel number indicates the number of squares resulting from drawing lines of width and length for the screen, so the more squares that are more, the more clear and accurate the screen is. There are several types of resolution and clarity, the most famous of which are HD (high definition) and (FHD) full definition.
  • Response Time: It is measured in milliseconds. It indicates the time it takes for pixels to change from one color to another, which is very important for screens that we want to be suitable for games and movies. The lower the response time, the better the screen will suit all uses.
  • Screen Refresh Rate: It is measured in hertz, and it indicates the number of frames that the screen can display, the refresh rate of most screens is 60 hertz, but some screens have a higher refresh rate. The higher the screen refresh rate, the better the screen will suit all uses, but remember that there is no need for a large refresh rate in order to surf the Internet, and it is preferable to save in this case.
  • Colors: You can see color accuracy when viewing, but remember that most screens are set to Standard or Basic. Of course, it is preferable to adjust screen colors to suit your type of use, noting that all screens contain more than one option.
  • Screen Size: It is measured in inches (inches), which is a matter of each person’s taste, in addition to the distance between the screen and the eye, there are those who think that the larger the screen the better, but the truth is not. If you sit close to the screen, beware of the big screens, it will not be easy to keep track of everything that happens on the screen.

It is worth noting that these elements differ according to the function aimed at the computer.

Tips for choosing a Monitor that is best suited for surfing the Internet


Those who use the computer in order to surf the Internet and for some regular uses that do not need special features, do not need to buy the most modern screens, but it is preferable to take into account the uses that – undoubtedly – he will need in the future, for example watching programs on the Internet, That is why choosing the most appropriate computer screen in this case; Choose a screen with a response time of 5 milliseconds, 60 hertz, refresh rate, HD screen resolution, and a size of 20-24 inches.