Best Tech Gadgets For Students Under $50

Gadgets are all around us. They make our lives easier and simpler and usually cost a fortune, especially if you are looking for high quality. However, you do not need to spend a fortune just to save a few minutes a day. We’ve done a bit of research, and we can present to you the best tech gadgets for students under $50.

Should Students Use Gadgets?

Whether students should use gadgets or not is a big question. Many parents would disagree that their young ones should use too much technology, but the fact is that that same technology can make us so much more productive and save us a ton of time. Needless to say, gadgets are incredibly popular among students and can make their life easier.

Why Should You Use Gadgets?

As most college students are crazy-busy, gadgets can help save a lot of time. Being able to simply drop your phone on the table, and it starts charging used to be next to the magic trick ten years ago. Today it is really a matter of choice which gadgets you will incorporate into your daily routine. Gadgets can help you:

  • Save time,
  • Save money
  • Save effort and stress, and
  • Avoid some common daily issues.

Yet another way to save a lot of time is by delegating as much of your schoolwork as you possibly can. You can do that by contacting and using their services to do a part of your assignments or study note-making. At the same time, you are sure that the materials are high-quality and educational.

Best Tech Gadgets for Students Under $50

As there are tens of thousands of gadgets out there, we’ve tried to narrow them down by how useful they are, what their purpose is, and what their price is. This way, we can present to you the best gadgets for students under $50.

GazePad Pro


The perfect companion to your laptop is finally here – the GazePad Pro. This well-designed gadget acts like a mouse pad and a charging hub for all your wireless-enabled devices. It also comes with two charging pods for easier positioning on your desk and to cater to both lefties and righties. It also has a non-slip base so that it is as practical as it is sleek and stylish.

BenjiLock TSA Fingerprint Padlock


The BenjoLock is the perfect choice for all those students who travel a lot. Luggage safety is an important aspect of traveling, and knowing that your luggage is safe both in the airport and in your hotel room can be a great way to relieve some stress. The BenjiLock TSA FingerPrint Padlock is a TSA-compatible lock that opens with your fingerprint. It is sleek and stylish in design and ensures that no one but you can access your valuables.



MiniPresso is another great gadget that you can enjoy using for years to come. The portable espresso maker grinds fresh coffee for you so that you can have a sip of your favorite beverage on the go – wherever you may be going. Next time you’re writing for your blog, combine the powers of blog title generator and MiniPresso for a truly enjoyable afternoon. This platform allows you to freely and in almost no time generate blog article headings that are witty, catchy, and not too long.

Panda Table Lamp


This easy-to-use panda-shaped table lamp is a great gadget to have. It illuminates your dorm room with soft ambient light and ensures that you can enjoy the quiet evenings and ease of sleep. The lamp comes with a detachable head that you can use for night trips to the restroom and back. Definitely worth every dollar of its price.

Giga Pump


Giga Pump is the perfect solution for all those times when you need to quickly inflate or deflate an inflatable. This air pump is rechargeable, lightweight, and very portable. Provided with four nozzles, it ensures you can pump anything, including an air mattress. This is a perfect gadget or a perfect gift for all students who enjoy outdoor activities.

Fingertip 800X


Fingertip 800X is just what it is. This magnetic fingertip-sized microscope attaches to your cell phone and provides you with an 800X magnification feature. It is also one of the smallest microscopes in the world. Perfect for biology students, this gadget can really boost your illustration skills and overall understanding of the microscopic world.

Midland LXT630VP3


Midland LXT630VP3 is a Walkie Talkie that inspires with its super-long signal radius – up to 30 miles or 45 kilometers. You may wonder why you would need a walkie-talkie in an era of smartphones and 5G networks. Well, how about all those hiking trips when you needed to communicate but could not? How about all those mountains you wanted to visit but did not? Now you have how to stay in touch, even when away.

Cheerble Board Game


The Cheerble Board Game is more than a gadget. It is also more than a game. It is a perfect gift for all those students who have pets. Being a pet owner while in college can be super stressful, especially as you spend so much time away from your pet. With this gadget, however, your pet will keep having fun even when you are away.

Final Considerations

If purchased and used wisely, gadgets can definitely make your life easier. Choosing good gadgets for your lifestyle and pocket depth can make you more productive, while simply purchasing another device for your social network is a true time and money waster. Invest your money and time by purchasing some of these gadgets and make your life as comfortable as you want it to be.