10 Outdoor Tech Gadgets and Accessories For Your Backyard

How to go from great to the greatest outdoors, and make your neighbors jealous? Backyard gadgets. Just mowing the lawn and roasting marshmallows over the fire pit is just not going to cut it anymore. If you want your neighbors to secretly peek in your backyard, you’ll have to grab at least some of the latest gizmos.

1. Lawn Roomba

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Now you can mow the lawn without breaking a sweat. New state-of-the-art lawnmowers do all the dirty work for you. They will give you peace and quiet, working at around 60 decibels, which is the noise level of a normal conversation. These robotic lawnmowers are super-efficient since you can mow the lawn every day now, producing tiny grass clippings that will mulch your turf. They run on lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and are emission-free. So, basically, you are helping yourself and the planet at the same time. No one can steal it either due to the code you have to punch in every time it stops or it gets picked up.

2. Not your ordinary cooler

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The newest coolers are made bigger, with the ability to keep the ice cold between four to five days. Besides this, it has a built-in speaker, plates, cups, and small compartments for your wallet or phone. Lids are being used to hold a blender or to turn into a solar panel for charging your electronics.

3. Buzz killer

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Flyswatter is so 20th century. If you want to relax in your yard without worrying about the annoying insects, the solution comes in a form of UV light trap. Mosquitoes are attracted by the light, as we already know, but they also come buzzing around the carbon-dioxide that we exhale. So, some smart people came to the idea for the UV lamp to produce this gas, too. When pests come near it, it sucks them up like a vacuum cleaner. Don’t worry, it does this in a very quiet manner, without giving away any sound really.

4. The king of the backyard

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The grill, of course. No backyard is complete without his royal highness, barbeque grill. They come in many shapes and sizes, and you should pick one based on your skills as a chef and your needs. Charcoal and wood grills are almost a thing of the past, unless you are stuck in the middle of the woods, or going camping. If you want the whole block to smell that steak or burgers that you’re flipping so masterfully, it’s best to use the gas grill. To cook your meats to perfection you have a lot to choose from gas grills at Limited Red.

5. Go Solar

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Solar chargers are portable and very convenient. If you’re just laying around watching your robot mower do its thing, the horror of finding out that your phone battery is about to die can become history with the newest solar energy powered thingies. You can charge your electronics right there, on your deck without missing out on that important call or a message.

6. Heating Umbrella

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When the sun goes down, especially at the begging and towards the end of the summer months, it can get a little chilly. No need to move indoors since the new, improved umbrellas have built-in halogen lamps that heat up in no time. It’s halogen, so no need to worry about starting a fire. It just gives away gentle heat and the umbrella is preventing it to go up in the air. A very convenient little invention for early fall evenings on your deck.

7. Speakers

Source: techradar.com

You can’t have a party without music. For that, the smartest thing to use outdoors is a waterproof speaker that connects to any Bluetooth device in your home. You can take it by the poolside, if you have that luxury, without the worry of falling in. With ten-hour battery life, chances are you are going to run out of drinks before the speaker runs out of battery.

8. Watching your dinner from afar

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Rare, medium-rare, or medium? Now you can hit that perfect spot without being anywhere near your dinner. Your thermometer will do it for you. You just need to stick it to that juicy steak, and your phone will let you know when your meat is cooked to perfection. You can be as far as 150ft away, and a digital thermometer will alert you when the dinner is ready via App. It has several meat probes and, as almost every gadget, is water-resistant.

9. TV for every weather conditions

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Being outdoor is for enjoying peace and quiet, listening to birds sing, or maybe have a party and actually talk with your friends and family without any distractions. But what if the game is on? Or maybe you want to make a game party in your backyard? Going back and forth to your living room and checking the grill, now you can take a TV outside and have your cake and eat it too. Special kinds of TV sets that are not only water-proof but essentially weather resistant. Besides rain, it also withstands high temperatures up to 120 degrees. They are a little pricey these days, but if you want to be the king of the hills, no price is too high, right?

10. Pizza Oven

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If you really want to draw attention and go big on the backyard gadgets, pizza oven will satisfy your urge for sure. Don’t worry, it’s not going to look like a UFO landed in your yard. The oven holds four pizzas, but it’s still compact enough to fit on the balconies, let alone on your deck. It imitates Italian pizza ovens used somewhere in Sicily probably, with the multiple layers of ceramic fiber surrounding the insides. It circulates heat with temperatures reaching up to 2000 degrees.

Backyard used to be one of the simplest spaces in everyone’s home. It was just lawn mower, lounge chair, and some cold beer from your, oh-so-simple simple cooler. Nowadays, with technology sprinting into the 22nd century, it seems like us being in the garden, or a backyard almost unnecessary. Because, you know, your phone will do it.