10 Outdoor Tech Gadgets To Create Your Backyard Oasis – 2024 Guide

Modern technologies will make any person a real gardener, even if he does not have a special inclination for agriculture.

Thanks to a range of sensors that monitor the needs of plants for moisture, temperature and nutrients and deliver information directly to a smartphone or computer, environmentally conscious lovers can make their work much easier.

If you do not have time to take care of your garden, and new items in the world of technology do not leave you indifferent, then the gadgets below will provide you with the most healthy plants with a minimum of effort to grow them.

1. Solar-powered garden lights

Source: amazon.com

Solar-powered garden lights are a great way to illuminate an area at dusk or at night. They do not require a network connection and do not consume energy. The design and mechanism of operation are extremely simple: during the day, the flashlights are powered by energy from sunlight, and in the evening they consume the accumulated stock and shine as brightly as ordinary lamps. More advanced models are equipped with a light sensor and turn on automatically at nightfall.
This kind og the garden light also will look good on the decked porch. If you are thinking about it you can contact the specialist and they will proffesionally make it.

2. Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller: Protect Your Garden from Pests

Ultrasonic scarers are a relatively new way to combat rodents, which has almost completely replaced inhuman methods such as traps and toxic poisons. Ultrasonic scarers operate at a frequency of up to 20 kHz, are not audible to the human ear, and are absolutely safe. Therefore, do not be afraid – the gadget will not disturb you. It works on an area of ​​up to 200 square meters. For a standard plot of 6 acres, you will need 3 such devices, which should be placed at the same distance from each other.

3. Garden Webcam: Look after your garden

Source: cctvaware.com

A distinctive feature of webcams for a garden and a vegetable garden is that they are not mounted on the top, but are stuck with a special pin into the ground or fixed on a tree trunk. What are they needed for? So that you can monitor the condition of your seedlings remotely. If you want to track when to come to the country to harvest or control automatic irrigation systems – a webcam will come to your rescue. Webcam software allows you to broadcast the image online and view it from any gadget from anywhere in the world.

4. Automatic lawn mower: tidies up the lawn by itself

The principle of an automatic lawnmower is the same as that of a robotic vacuum cleaner. During operation, the automatic lawnmower moves along the lawn according to the route set by the program, cuts the grass, and collects it in a container. The mower is controlled by a built-in mini-computer with a special control program. The standard operating time of the gadget on a single charge is 60-90 minutes, and the processing area is 250 square meters.

And even if it is not cheap, it will save you energy, nerves – the latest models of lawnmowers work almost silently – and the place – compared to conventional automatic lawnmowers is much more compact.

5. Greenhouse lantern: will be a great gift for the gardener

Source: gardeners.com

The greenhouse lantern gadget combines a garden light and a mini greenhouse. Pour a special nutritious substrate inside the greenhouse dome, plant seeds there and turn on the built-in lighting. This gadget is perfect for seedlings – it will protect them from wind and rain, and also provide the right amount of light. The lantern, by the way, is quite functional, and when the plant will grow to the lid, it can be planted in the garden. And it will not only help with seedlings but also decorate your garden or vegetable garden.

6. Home weather station

A home weather station is a smart gadget equipped with a thermometer, barometer and hygrometer. The sensors not only measure the temperature and humidity in the room but also provide the owner with a weather forecast for the coming days. With this information, you can more effectively plan the cleaning of the site, planting seedlings, and other gardening work.

The indications are reflected on the LCD. Depending on the model, the device also displays the time, measurement history in the form of a graph, and has a built-in alarm clock.

The soil moisture meter should become the basic tool of every respectable gardener. This useful tool will help you know how wet or dry the soil is, and will also determine the PH level.

7. Smart irrigation system

Source: youtube.com

The smart irrigation system is one of the best garden inventions. Such a simple and well-thought-out device will take care of your plants and free up a lot of time for other useful things.

Depending on the model, there are drip irrigation systems, which can be done either pointwise, directly to the roots of plants, or by surface irrigation. Such a system helps to avoid overdrying or overflow and saves water on the site.

8. Solar garden parasol

But why are we giving all the work to technology? I’m sure some summer residents like to dig in the ground themselves. Although the back after such work often hurts and numbs. Such people might like a rather strange gadget – the Wunda Weeder gardening machine. This is a solar-powered weeding trolley. She rolls over the beds, and the gardener can process them in a lying position. True, this car cannot be called popular: only a few copies have been created.

9. PDA for the gardener

Source: PDA for the gardener

The secret of the Flower Grenades is the seeds of various plants. It is enough to bury the grenade in the ground, and in a couple of weeks, the first shoots will appear. The shell serves as an additional nutrient medium.

10. Smart home systems: an all-in-one solution

If you want to integrate all gadgets and control them remotely, you will need the integration of the Smart Home system. Depending on the weather data, you can use your smartphone to program sockets to turn on the necessary devices or activate surveillance cameras in rooms, on the balcony or in the garden from afar, and control the humidity and air temperature using sensors.