What is the Android System WebView_

What is the Android System WebView?

Android System WebView many times come into your phone’s apps and confuses you whether you should delete this or not. You become confused, and in the end, you are starting searching everywhere what is the Android System WebView.

In this guide, we will explain the Android System Webview as well as; we will update you on how to use Android System WebView.

In short, we are going to tell you in a single line:

If your Android phone is running a version less than 7.0, then we recommend that you should keep the Android System WebView.

For now, this is enough to understand, in which case you should keep Android System WebView.

What is the many Android System WebView?

It is just like chrome but a smaller version. In short, we can say Android System WebView is a more modest version of Chrome. With the help of this, we can open the links within the app. It helps you to stop leaving the app. You don’t need to close the app.

How do I know I am Using Android System WebView?

It is simple when you try to open the link in the application. A new window will open, but it is like a smaller version of your browser, but actually, it is not a browser. It is just a Webview to show your desire page.

I think it is essential if you have a shortage of space, and you don’t want to remove more apps for extra space.

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Android System WebView does not work for all the Apps. Sometimes, you open the link, but it opens in the chrome or any other default browser. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about why the Android System WebView is not working on your Phone.

How to UnInstall Android System WebView?

Before uninstalling the android system Webview, I think you should ask that should I uninstall Android System WebView. So our answer depends on your device. If you have a device in which the Nougat version of Android is not working, then definitely, you should not uninstall.

But yes, we recommend that you should uninstall the updates from the play store. Once you stop the Android System WebView updates, it will not consume more memory.

If you are using the Android 7.0 or above version, then you will good to know that Google will automatically disable this Android System WebView. Google will open your links in default browser chrome or whatever you have.

What is the Android System WebView

Get a Rid from Android System WebView?

If you have Android Version 7.0 or above and Android System WebView is disturbing you, then we recommend that you should go and uninstall this Webview manually.

If you are using best phone in 2024, then you don’t more need Android System WebView. Just follow the below steps to permanent uninstall Android System WebView.

  • Go to the PlayStore.
  • Tap on the Hamburger Icon.
  • Go to My Apps and Games.
  • Go to the Uninstall Tab
  • You will see there Android System WebView.
  • You will see the App. Just click on it and press the uninstall button.

Now we hope that you will better know about what is the Android System WebView. If you are still confused or have any questions, let us know in the comment section below the article.

Android System Webview Virus

Many of the Android Users think that is some virus that comes to your android phones and whenever you click on the link. It appears. Or you can see it in your Installed Apps.

Android System WebView is not a virus but a useful app that helps the users who are using the Android version below 7.0. So Google is saving your space and give you the option to read the content of other websites from the Webview instead of chrome within the app.

Android System Webview Enable not working

This problem also comes on many Android devices; many users are facing Android System Webview enables not working. We recommend that you go to the play store and check for the latest updates of Android System WebView. Once they update the WebView. It will automatically start working.

On the other hand, we recommend that you stop using the chrome app from running in the background. In-app settings, go to the chrome and disable it.

Android System Webview has stopped

Maybe you have installed a new browser or enable the chrome or Mozilla on your phone. If you did this, then uninstall or disable the browser, then Android System WebView will automatically start working. Moreover, you can also update the Android System WebView.

Final Words:

We are expecting that you get the proper knowledge of What is the Android System WebView. And how to use the System WebView. We have also mentioned the different queries and their solutions. If you are still facing any issue. Let us know. We will guide you further.

In short, in the end, We believe that your phone should have Android System WebView if you are using Android Version below 7.0.