Can I Run Dauntless On My PC

Can I Run Dauntless on my PC and its System Requirements – 2024 Guide

Dauntless is a video game developed and published by Phoenix Labs in 2019. It is an action, role-playing video game for Microsoft Windows. This game is not supported by Mac or Linux OS. it can be played in both single-player and multiplayer modes.


The game is played in fantasy-themed words, and the storyline is based upon the cataclysmic events. Due to these events, the world is torn apart, and the monster creatures called Behemoths appear that prey on the struggling human beings. These monster-like creatures, with their powers, prey on the humans, threatening their survival.

The players in this game take the role of a protagonist fighting against the Behemoths to save human beings. Players need to build and upgrade their weapons and equipment that are required to take-down the Behemoths. You can make a team of four or can play as a single-payer.

Therefore the slayer explores the environment, collects the loot, and fights against the monster-creature while maintaining his health and powers. To succeed, you must need to develop the right kit for each tas,-says the developers.

The game offers a variety of missions, and the game progresses as you complete the task. The difficulty level for every new level is also increased.

The game seems interesting, but the question that arises here is, Can I run Dauntless?

To answer this question, developers have released the minimum and recommended system requirements for the game that is as follows.

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Minimum System Requirements

CPU Intel Corei5
Disc Space 15 GB
OS Windows 7 DX11

Dauntless runs nicely on a quad-core computer. You need a minimum of 4GB RAM on your computer to run the dauntless at the lowest settings. The minimum CPU required to run the dauntless is an i5 processor. For example, intel Core i5 and i5 Sandy Bridge. With these minimum requirements, you can expect around 30-40 FPS.

Find Laptop Quickly To Run Dauntless

The minimum requirements for graphics are NVIDIA GeForce GTX66 Ti. it is the cheapest graphic option available to run the dauntless, and it will provide you 720p resolution. According to game developers, you need at least 15 GB of free disk space to install the game file. You need Windows 7 DX 11 SUPPORT as an operating system, at least, to run the dauntless on your PC.

Recommended System Requirements

CPU i7 Haswell
GPU GTX 970 DX11
Disc Space 15 GB
OS Windows 10

Although you can run the dauntless if your PC has the specs mentioned above, the developers of the game, Phoenix Lab, have stated some recommended requirements for the game. These are the ideal specs, and you can get the best gaming experience if your PC fulfills these requirements.

Developers recommend having an 8 GB RAM to run the dauntless perfectly. They also recommend having an i7 Haswell CPU or Intel Core i7-4770 for the best performance. For higher settings, you require a video card GTX 970 DX11 or RX580.

These GPUs are expensive but will deliver 1080p quality. The Dauntless runs on all Microsoft Windows operating system Windows 7DX 11 support and later, but the recommended operating system for the game is Windows 10.

Here are some of the best gaming laptops, PCs and budget options for playing Dauntless: