Can I Run Battlefield 5 on my PC

Can I Run Battlefield 5 on my PC and its Requirements – 2024 Guide

A highly projected shooter game “Battlefield V” in electronic art is developed with realistic special effects. The DICE Company itself launched the features or specifications index required running this game. As we all know, the graphics and specifications of our laptop or computer determine the final display and processing of games. So, a gamer really needs a best-suited processing unit and graphical display to avail every spec in a special way.

Battlefield V was officially released in October 2018 and set back the gamers to a new platform. This single-player game is divided into multiple short stories and players could select their favorite mode and play with their gamer fellows and friends.

Find laptop easily to run Battlefield 5 Game

Can I run Battlefield 5?

Here are the details of requirements and necessities for gaining the possible supplies and advantages and becoming a pro player:

System and Display Requirements

Central Processing Unit

Starting with the central processing unit (CPU), this is built on a core that indirectly processes all the tasks on your computer. For battlefield V, a gamer must have a CPU with Core i5 6600 K by Intel which works powerfully when combined with good hardware. This is an economical Quad-core processor with a 3.5 gigahertz clock frequency that continually runs your applications.

Random Accessed Memory

Battlefield V is a 44 GB game that requires a good Random Accessed memory (RAM) and Read – memory (ROM) combined to give a fluent performance. A minimum of 8 GB RAM is required to function this game on basics, however, 12 GB RAM is more considerable for Battlefield V.

Operating System

The hardware of your computer is typically managed by the operating system (OS) installed in your system. For the processing of Battlefield V on a high-end level, it is recommended to have 64 – bit processor of WINDOWS 7, 8.1, or 10. Usually, for modern games like this, “Windows 10” is preferred.

Graphic Card or Video Card

All your performance or gaming skills are actually displayed on the monitor or laptop screen, so it is not wrong if you consider it one of the most important things that need consideration before you play. Have you ever heard of a video card or a graphic card? The video card regulates the resolution or pixels that produce an image or video. The processing unit transfers the information from your software or game application towards the graphic card which then creates the image on a screen.

To have a good resolution image or video, you must have a minimum direct X 11.0 Graphic Card along with 2 GB Video RAM which is a minimum ratio. If possible you must go for Direct X 11.1 Video Card with 8 GB V-RAM.

Dedicated Video Random Accessed Memory

The Dedicated Video Random accessed memory (V – RAM) is a decimal that can be piled up or increased from the Dedicated segment size. This can be done by simply entering the value of dedicated RAM. If you are a Battlefield V player then you must type 2048 MB as a minimum. Some players also use 6 GB (8 GB Advanced Micro Devices) for playing battlefield V like a pro.

Graphic Effects

Direct X 12 shortly as DX – 12 facilitates you to enhance manifold graphic special effects. This can be done on your PC with Windows. The best suited graphic card delivers these features like rate shading in different variables, ray-tracing effects, etc. that will convert your game into a mesmerizing reality.

Pixel Shader

Battlefield V is a real game so you must consider the “Pixel Shader” which you can check below the Graphic card. The pixel shader controls the features of a solo pixel-like contrast, colors, brightness, darkness, and other related characteristics. At least pixel shader 5.0 is required for battlefield V, though, up version 5.1 is more substantial.

In order to supplement extraordinary structures like three-dimensional visuals or different variables, your computer must have a suitable Vertex Shader. No less than 5.0 – Vertex shader is required for battlefield V, yet, 5.1 version Vertex shader is good.

Sound Card

Let’s discuss the audio information that your setup really needs especially when you are playing battlefield V. The audio is delivered or processed through the sound card that is an essential device to run a computer. However, a sound card is not like a CPU or RAM because you can run a computer without it. But for battlefield V or audio systems, it is necessary.

Free Disk Space

If you are using an old computer or laptop that is floated with unnecessary documents, files, or data and you want to free up the computer’s space, then “Free Disk Space” is here to fix your device’s memory issues. With free disk space or a Disk Cleaning tool, you can clean your desktop, free the monster files, remove impermanent data, deal with saved files or applications. Your computer must have at least 50 GB free disk space to run battlefield V efficiently.


The Battlefield is designed on the “Star Wars Engine” like Battlefield I and Battlefield II but it has the minimum and basic system requirements. So if you are currently rolling basic games and are worried about having this one then it is recommended to look at the details of the aforementioned specifications.

One of the main things is to consider the processing unit and the RAM of your personal computer. The core i7 is the most recommended by professional gamers because it is a fast working system with high power. Most of the features can be installed or updated into your old device which is a cash-saving option than switching your computer.

Here are some of the best gaming laptops, PCs and budget options for playing Battlefield V: